Tips from the Pool Guys of Palm Beach:  Get Your South Florida Pool In Shape, So You Can Get Your Body in Shape It’s a new year and now is the perfect time to get into shape. Even if your joints are a little rusty, your pool can make it easy to improve your health. Start

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As Full-Service Pool Experts in South Florida, The Pools Guys of Palm Beach Wanted to Share Some Pool Cover Ideas With You. Decorative Pool Cover Ideas When you live in the hot climate of Southern Florida, you know that even a nice warm day at the pool can be less refreshing when you’re exposed to things like

Winning Tactics for Swim Lessons in Your Neighborhood: Tips From The Pool Guys of Palm Beach The Pool Guys of Palm Beach would like all of our local Palm Beach and Broward county area pool owners to know that if you do not feel 100% confident that your pool environment is as safe as it can

What Everyone Needs to Know About Pool Landscaping Landscaping Around The Pool from The Pool Guys of Palm Beach In South Florida having lush vegetation around your pool area is not only pleasing it’s also necessary in some cases. A pool that has excellent landscaping adds value to the home but can also be a

Palm Beach: Understand the Difference Between Salt Water and Chlorine Filtration There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re investing in your pool.   When it comes to Salt Water versus Chlorine, it’s complicated.  The Pool Guys of Palm Beach are here to help you with some advice on Chlorine or Salt Water Purification

Palm Beach Pool Design/Construction Ideas Good Enough for a Celebrity If you’re looking to make a statement with your next pool design, then the Pool Guys of Palm Beach are here to give you some ideas.  These designs are extravagant, and that’s the way they’re meant to be.  A little ingenuity from a pool designer and

Adding a Pool Adds Value to your Palm Beach County Home There are many things to consider when deciding to add a pool to your Palm Beach home.  Cost, frequency of use and maintenance are all factors to consider.  But the other concern people run into is whether adding a pool will create value for

Personalizing or Redesigning Your Pool in South Florida If you’re looking to add a few features or redesign your pool in South Florida,  the Pool Guys of Palm Beach have a few ideas for you to consider.   Themes for newer designs include fireplaces, water fountains and dramatic lighting.  Here is a description of some of

Finding The Perfect Pool

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The Perfect Swimming Pool to Fit your Family’s Lifestyle There is a world of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect swimming pool for your family.  How do you know what to select?  What will make the right statement in your yard?  Who will use it the most? Are there any special circumstances that

Winterizing Your Pool

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Tips on How to Winterize your Pool That time of year has come upon us once again.  We’re ready for football season, we’re ready for the holidays, the kids are back in school.  Wait, I’m not referring to any of these things.  I’m referring to that time of year when you have to winterize your