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The Pool Guys of Palm Beach have been cleaning and maintaining pools in the West Palm Beach area for years. Here’s a few tips you can do on your own to prevent algae build up in your pool. The prime time heat of South Florida is here, kids are almost out of school, the heat

Protecting Your Family Against Zika and Other Pool Illnesses – Pool Safety Tips from The Pool Guys of Palm Beach The swimming pool is a place for fun, exercise and of course swimming.  Although disease and germs are everywhere, the risk of illness can be carried quickly through a swimming pool or hot tub environment.

What Everyone Ought to Know About the Right Size Swimming Pool Types of Pools and Sizes – Pool Construction West Palm Beach If you’ve been contemplating installing a swimming pool or re-modeling your old one, you’ve got decisions, decisions, decisions to make. Well, we’re here to help. The size of your pool can vary greatly

The Pool Guys of Palm Beach care about our customers and their families, we take pool safety very seriously. We urge everyone to take the proper safety measures when it comes to keeping their the pool safe. 5 Simple Strategic Steps to Effectively Baby Proofing Your Swimming Pool When it comes to the welfare of

Winterizing Your At Home Pool

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While no one wants to see the summer season come to a close, it is an inevitable act of nature that forces you to prepare your pool for the winter months. Of course it is important that you invest in a winter pool cover, but there are a few other key steps that people often bypass which ends up costing them a ton of money on pool repairs. There is a safety factor that comes along with a winter pool cover to prevent children and pets from accidentally falling into the freezing water. However, these are a few tips to follow if you need to winterize your pool!

It was a miserably hot Fourth of July in Phoenix, AZ and one man decided to do his family a favor and cool down their backyard pool. While their pool is only temperature controlled by the sun, this guy had the brilliant idea to throw a 300 pound block of ice into his backyard oasis. The main question that had everyone buzzing was where did he get a block of ice that big?

Pool Maintenance TipsThere is nothing like the beginning of summer, right before school lets out, when the weather is nice enough to pull the cover off your pool. With the summer weather in full swing, your pool can end up being your best way to cool off. Whether you live in Florida or Alaska, have a salt water system pool or freshwater; there are several pool maintenance things to keep up on and there are several pool professionals that can help you out.

Same Loyal Company – New Style

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After thinking about how we could make ourselves more interactive with the community, your Pool Guys of Palm Beach have re-vamped their blog along with simply revitalizing the original content. Our new blog will be full of do-it-yourself pool tips along with funny summer pool stories and hurricane preparation steps.