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Boca Raton Pool Cleaning and repair company –  It is inevitable that the summers are hot and Palm Beach want’s to cool down by jumping into their pool. Unfortunately sometimes pools get broken, cracked, stained green with algae or have leaks. When this happens it is best to call a professional pool cleaning/pool repair company like The Pool Guys of Palm Beach. Boca Raton residents know that when their pool needs cleaning or is broken they need to find the best possible pool cleaning and repair company to fix it.

Basic Monthly Plan Starting at just $55.00 – Elite Starting at just $78 per month
Prices based on average sized screened in pools

Pool Guys of Palm Beach provides quality pool cleaning and pool repair services to all types of pools. From vinyl to concrete and even tile or fiberglass pools, we are the best pool cleaning and repair company that Boca Raton has to offer.

Pool Cleaning services:

  • Vacuumed and brushed thoroughly
  • Baskets emptied
  • tiles cleaned and monitored each week
  • filter clean/maintenance
  • chemical balancing – This includes testing and maintaining water balance to include: ph, sanitizer, Alkalinity, total dissolved solids, and when needed any other specialist’s tests.

We use the highest grade chlorine available to pool professionals to keep your water crystal clear.

As well our pool cleaning persons are all certified and qualified to provide quick and professional service for all of your pool repair needs you may require. Not only do we provide the highest standard of pool cleaning services in Boca Raton, we also offer the highest level of pool repair for our Boca Raton residents. We can clean your pool and provide regular maintenance or service for your pool all year round.

If you’re looking for a pool cleaning and repair company in Boca Raton – give us a call. We can provide you with a quote or estimate for your pool needs.

We aim to please all of our clients, and provide top-notch customer service and efficient, knowledgeable service. Please call us today for all of your pool needs! Whether big or small, we cover it all!


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