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One of the most catastrophic hurricanes in US history, Hurricane Irma, managed to hit the State of Florida, leaving behind unimaginable damage. Pool Guys of Palm Beach being a native resident of Lake Worth, Florida, we are here to help. Storms and hurricanes bring along an assortment of damage, some which can go unseen. Cleaning up hurricane damaged pools is a task that should be taken with all seriousness, given all the hazards that lurk around, some as fatal as having live electric cables lying around the pool. Remember, safety first.

Here are some steps to keep in mind while performing hurricane pool cleanup.

Don’t drain the water

The optics of the aftermath will surely tempt you to drain the water. There will be leaves, branches and sometimes entire trunks of trees floating in your pool, not mentioning other metallic, plastic and natural debris that may have made their way into your pool. Fight off the urge to drain the water. Draining the pool water even as little as 4 or 5 inches when the backyard soil is still wet could shift the position of your concrete pool shell or even make it pop out of the ground.

Check for possible electrical hazards

The pool could be full of hazards from the sea and the surrounding. Hurricanes are violent, knocking off electric wires or even entire electric poles. Some of the electric wires might still be live. Getting in contact with water that has live wire could be dangerous and deadly. Make sure to check for downed wires before going anywhere near your pool.

Rid the pool of any physical debris

Once it is safe to do so, remove all physical debris from the pool. Anything that floats or sinks should be taken out. You can fish out the debris using a long-handled skimmer.

Check the skimmers and pump baskets

Some debris could find its way into the pool skimmers and pump baskets. Check for any blockage on these to ensure proper circulation and filtration.

Super-chlorinate the pool

Flooding caused by the hurricane brings along with it all the unimaginable nasties from the sea, a lot of which inundate swimming pools. Seawater may contain salt water, algae, sand, salt, phosphates, jellyfish, and even fish in general. Moreover, the flooding in the area may mix with the state council’s sewage system, which spills over and deluges the pools with cryptosporidium, giardia E.coli, and amoeba, among other nasties.

You need to super-chlorinate the pool once you rid it off all physical debris visible. This is important in order to avoid any contraction of diseases due to contact with the water. Preferably, super-chlorinate the pool with contaminates of not less than 20ppm. However, make sure not to overdo it as chlorine levels of pH levels more than 7.2 or 7.4 could affect your skin.

Use a 2 stage clarifier

After super-chlorinating, use 2-stage clarifier compound to purify the pool. Add the 1st stage formula into the pool. It takes 6 hours for this to clear up the nasties in the pool. Add the 2nd stage formula to complete the purification process. The pool should be clear and purified after 24 hours.

This sounds like a lot and it is.  Contact the professionals if you need help cleaning up your pool after a Hurricane. We will get you back in the pool as safely and as quickly as possible. Pool Guys of Palm Beach can help. Get in touch with us today!

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