Pool Finishes That Give Cool Water Colors

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A pool’s interior finish can elevate it to a whole new dimension of grace and style. There’s no dearth to the number of pool finishes available. Take a look at some of the pool finishes that give cool watercolors.


This is the oldest pool design and it features a simple blend of Portland cement and water plus either silica, sand or marble. Marcite or more traditionally known as white plaster will give off a smooth classic finish. It’s very hardwearing, lasting close to seven years before you have to contend with chipping and etching. When light is reflected on the white platers, a light blue glow will be radiated giving your pool that attractive shiny luster.

The reflective quality can be enhanced by darker shades ranging from to gray and black. In its totality, the pool will resemble a pond or a natural lake. What’s more, the pool will mirror the surrounding architecture and landscapes when light is reflected against it.

Aggregate finishes

These are revamped plaster finishes made up of colored or white plaster, blended with glass beads, small pieces of quartz or granite. There are two variations of aggregate; exposed and polished.

Polished aggregate finishes feature finely compressed stones such as marble, quartz or granite. These stones will be polished after the aggregate is applied by hand, revealing the luster of the stones. Granite and quartz not only boast of a decorative sheen, they can also last very long to the tune of 12 to 20 years.

Exposed aggregates, on the other hand, consist of glass beads or tiny river beds. In true aggregate fashion, exposed aggregates will be hand applied by highly skilled craftsmen. After the application is done the finish will be power washed with a special liquid that gets rid of the outer concrete layer exposing the glass beads and colored pebbles within. The final look will impart traction to the surface of the pool. You will get an array of colors depending on the materials used. For instance, pebble aggregate finish will give off an island blue hue. With glass bead finishes, you will be treated to three-dimensional effects when sun rays are reflected on it.

Tile finishes

Tiles finishes are smeared on the floor or steps of the pool to offer cool watercolors. The glossy look will make the water reflective resulting in artistic water shapes that can only be found in upscale glamour.

With high rewards come high risks. Tile does not come cheap seeing as it requires top of the line maintenance and installation. They come in an extensive selection of colors styles shapes and sizes providing incalculable combinations and designs.

The three tile finishes that reign supreme are glass, ceramic & porcelain, and finally stone. Stone will blend well with the surrounding whereas glass is adored for its breathtaking aesthetics and resilience. Ceramic and porcelain are the least expensive tile finishes and are loved for their lavish mosaics akin to Mediterranean motifs and whimsical fish. For even better aesthetics with tile, try out mosaic tiles designs.

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