Unique Products for Your Palm Beach Swimming Pool

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When you live in a place such as Palm Beach County, it’s inevitable that you’ll spend a large majority of your time by the water. Chances are you enjoy lounging by your swimming pool when we reach those notorious scorching temperatures South Florida is known for and in this week’s blog we hand selected a few of the most unique products that are ideal for your backyard living space.

It’s safety first as a homeowner with a pool or hot tub. One of the coolest devices on today’s market is the Safe Family Life Pool Alarm Electronic Monitoring System. This reasonably cost electronics helps to prevent accidental drownings by setting off an alarm anytime someone enters the pool unexpectedly. The alarm sounds off a piercing 100 dB into your house alerting you there’s been either a child or animal that has fallen. The device is available after June 30th, 2017 so jump on board!

Next awesome feature is Light Columns found in Martha Stewart Magazine. These swanky orbs give off the perfect illumination for parties and entertainment and they are something you can make yourself using bamboo sticks and paper lanterns. While these fun lights aren’t meant for everyday use, they are great to kick off those summer gatherings via poolside.

In addition to those DIY light kits, Pool Domes are another innovative product that can make your pool maintenance less frequent. Although this product may seem more notable in colder climates, we like it because it can keep the leaves out and shade you from the harmful rays of the sun. Chlorine doesn’t evaporate as quickly helping you save money of pool chemicals. Powerdome has multiple shapes to accommodate you. We think these devices are cool, and we’re sure you will too!

Lounging by the pool just took on a whole new meaning with these large oversized floating beanbag chairs. The SoFloat Floating Lifestyle Lounger is the ultimate when it comes to chilling on top of the water. Although we wouldn’t suggest using this on the ocean, these floaties are weather resistant and can tolerate warm temperatures.

These products are wonderful to have around. We’re sure you’ll find them to be a state-of -the art invention, which you and the whole family would love. In the meantime, be sure to keep your pools crystal clear and ready for friends and family. Contact Pool Guys of Palm Beach for how we can help you maintain the perfect looking pool!

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