Awesome Upgrades for your Pool!

by / Friday, 18 August 2017 / Published in Blog, Pool News

Are you considering remodeling your swimming pool? Remodeling a swimming pool involves resurfacing and repairing the water systems. Also, it includes installing completely new features. These new features will enhance the swimming experience, customize the swimming area, and possibly add value to your home.

Automatic systems

Swimming pool technology has taken great leaps over the past few years. Now, you can install automatic pool control systems. These computerized systems allow you to control water temperature, water jets, swimming pool lighting, cleaning cycles, and much more, on a wireless controller in your palms.

Now, imagine the possibilities. You can raise the temperature of the water on your way home for spa-like experience when you arrive.

Automatic pool covers

Pool covers create an impenetrable cover over the swimming pool. With an automatic cover, all you need is to flip a button, and voila!; your pool and the people inside are protected. These covers are available in many colors and fabrics. They are also custom tailored options to match your swimming pool.

Energy efficiency is another advantage of automatic covers. They:

  • Decrease evaporation by up to 90%
  • Cut electricity costs by 50%
  • Decrease pool heating costs by 70%
  • And reduce demand for pool cleaning chemicals


Nothing will add luxury to a swimming pool than a spa, or hot tub. Also, a hot tub promotes health by providing hydrotherapy. There are three main healing components in a swimming pool hot tub – heat, massage, and buoyancy. So, a deep in the hot tub can relieve muscle pain and mental distress.

A spa can be incorporated in the main pool’s design or built separately.

Water falls

A waterfall can dramatically add to the visual appeal of a standard swimming pool. Imagine the sight of water cascading down natural stone into your swimming pool. Well, natural stone can be quite expensive. Fortunately, pool builders can create waterfalls using natural looking artificial stone at a very affordable price.

Tanning ledges

The sun completes the backyard swimming pool experience. But the heat makes things sweaty, so you have to dive into cool off. With a tanning ledge, you do not need to make the trips between your chair and the water. It is a shallow raised platform within the water. So, you can enjoy the sun and the water without having to float or swim.


If you ever visited a water park, then you know it would not have been any fun without a water slide. Waterslides now come in different sizes and design. Some are short and offer a quick drop into the water, while others are long and have corkscrew turns.


The lighting of a pool dictates how much fun you can have after dark. When designing the pool lighting, consider the pool size and design, and the landscape of your yard. For instance, the color of the pool’s interior finish will affect the lighting decisions. With Fiber optic and LED technology, lighting can be incorporated into the pool’s coping and walls. Up-lighting in the pool area is also a good idea. Put light bulbs on trees that are near the pool.

There are lots of awesome upgrades that you can use to remodel your pool. Talk to your swimming pool builder and explore the possibilities.

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