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Most of us would like to own swimming pools as large as those found in luxurious hotels. Unfortunately, not all of us have backyards that large. So sometimes you have to settle for tiny pools. With the right design and swimming pool equipment, tiny pools can offer the same functionality offered by large swimming pools.

What is the size of a tiny pool?

The average swimming pool is larger than 600-square feet. In such a pool, you can dive and even use a surfboard. A pool smaller than 600-square feet is a tiny or small pool. The average size of a small pool is 350-square feet. Generally, they measure 12 to 17 feet wide and 24 to 30 feet long.

They are cheap to build and maintain

Tiny pools are for those people who do not have space, and also for people who want to save money. First, the installation is cheap. Second, due to the small size, these pools are cheap to maintain. The amount of power required to heat the water is less. Similarly, you will need fewer amounts of chemicals to clean the pool.

Fiberglass might not be an option

Swimming pools are either made from concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass. Fiberglass swimming pools are beautiful. But fiberglass modeling in small sizes is limited. Actually, very few manufacturers are willing to provide models as small as 7-feet by 21-feet.

Swimming pool builders can make concrete pools and vinyl liner pools in whichever shape and size you prefer.

The shape of a tiny pool

There is no perfect shape for a tiny pool. The shape depends on your preference and the space available in your backyard. Geometric shapes, such as rectangles and squares, are the most common in pool design. However, curvy shapes are stylish. And, even though these curvy shapes lose water space, they allow more decking space.

Ideal for relaxation

Tiny pools are more like spas or hot tubs. It is more about relaxation than swimming. If you are looking to spend more time relaxing in the water than actually swimming, then a tiny pool is ideal for you.

If relaxation is a priority, you can design the tiny pool to resemble a spool. Design the pool with inbuilt seating and water heater. Due to the small size, not a lot of power is used to heat the water, even in cold weather.

Swimming in a tiny pool

Swimming is a form of full-body workout. So, you might be installing a swimming pool in your backyard for exercise purposes. However, swimming in tiny pools is heavily restricted, especially if the shape is free form. Fortunately, some pool installations can make swimming possible in these pools.

You can install a water jet in the pool. The water jet will generate a water current strong enough to swim against. Another option is buying a tether system. This system will hold you in place as you swim.

A swimming pool, big or small, is an important addition to a home. Tiny pools are now very popular, especially in Florida, where tiny walled-in backyards are common. Does a tiny pool match your needs? Contact your pool builder and start working on the design.

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