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One of the benefits of having access to a private pool is that you can introduce new pool games and pool toys to improve the overall pool experience. Pool toys can either make it easier for young children to learn how to swim or they can be integrated into pool games to make the swimming experience more interesting. Here are some pool games and toys to add fun to your swimming pool experience.

  1. Marco Polo

Named after the famed Italian adventurer, Marco Polo is one of the most popular swimming pool games as it develops the swimming capabilities of all the participants. One player is designated as the ‘seeker’ as s/he shouts “Marco” and the rest of the participants have to shout “Polo”. The seeker, who is blindfolded, then has to navigate the pool to tag the other players. As the seeker swims towards the other players, and the other players try to evade the seeker, they get to familiarize their swimming technique which makes them better swimmers. More experienced swimmers can volunteer to be the seekers and the swimmers at the beginner level can be the targets if you want to add the educational aspect to the game.

  1. Mermaid Races

Mermaid races is a simple game that involves underwater swimming. Participants have to swim the length of the pool while underwater (as mermaids do), and the swimmer that can achieve the best distance underwater wins the game. One of the most important aspects of swimming is being able to swim underwater and this game helps beginning swimmers to improve their underwater endurance.

  1. Pool Football

Football is America’s most popular sport, and it can be integrated into pool play. The same basic football rules apply for pool football but you can decide the team sizes based on the pool size. As it encourages the participants to improve their swimming skills under pressure, you can teach your young ones how to safely swim in a crowded pool. It also increases their aquatic agility which will make them better swimmers.

  1. Kick Boards

If you are trying to teach an amateur how to swim, then kickboards are the best swimming toy for the job. Kickboards are floatation devices that are held by swimming learners to enable them to float in the pool. Kickboards will help young swimmers to be more confident while learning how to swim which makes them more likely to learn how to swim at an accelerated pace.

  1. Swimming Rings

One of the most important swimming skills that you need to impart to your family is diving. Swimming rings are weighted to ensure that they sink to the bottom of your pool. As your children learn to dive to the bottom of your swimming pool, they will significantly improve their swimming skills. As a bonus, the rings are large enough to form an underwater obstacle course where you children get to swim within the rings to show that they can maneuver while underwater.

Although swimming is already fun, add a few games and toys to further peak the interest of your children and any other family members who are not expert swimmers by adding toys and games to your swimming sessions.

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