Fall Is Great For A Pool Party In South Florida

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Now that summer 17’ is officially over, it probably means all the pool party fun goes along with it until next year, right? Wrong! Pool Guys of Palm Beach got news for you folks, fall is great for a pool party, and especially in South Florida. When life gives you lemons, call a bunch of friends, make lemonade.

The health benefits of swimming are undeniable. Swimming is relaxing, it helps to tone your muscles, and it burns calories too. Furthermore, nothing beats the fun, music, laughter, and the overall happy mood that comes along with a pool party. Just because the mercury has dropped a couple degrees doesn’t mean you give up on swimming and especially pool parties. We have great tips to ensure you hold an incredible pool party in South Florida.

Tip 1: Get a theme for your pool party

When fall arrives, the bats and vampires awaken. Relax, it’s a figure of speech. Halloween is probably the most anticipated holiday during fall. You can spice your pool party up by setting a Halloween theme for it. Set up spooky props around the pool area and indulge yourselves into the Halloween spirit. You could even color the water to give it an eerie Halloween feel.

Tip 2: Heat your pool up

South Florida, being a coastal region, is highly advantaged as the temperatures do not drop that much during fall. You can still get highs of 84.50F and lows of 66.70F between now and Thanksgiving.  However, it’s a wise idea to have pool heating especially if the pool party runs until late at night. Tempt your guests to take a dive at your heated pool.

Temperatures of about 850F are conducive. Heating up your pool, however, requires planning ahead. Gas heaters will leave you with a fat bill, so consider solar-powered heaters. Start heating the pool a couple of hours prior to the start of the party. Maintain the pool temperature by using a pool cover that aids in retaining the heat generated.

Tip 3: Set up a hot tub

Temperatures can change. If it gets too cold, make sure you have an outdoor spa for folks to hop in. You can use a pool contractor to set up temporal hot tubs for the party.

Tip 4: Warm the party area

There are always a few folks that don’t wish to get wet. You have to keep them in mind too. Warm up the party area with fire features and space heaters. An outdoor fireplace is possibly the most economical option to heat up the party area. Alternatively, outdoor electric space heaters are highly effective in maintaining warm temperatures over a larger area.

Tip 5: Keep everyone on the move

Motion creates tepidness. Keep the guests moving by coordinating activities. They’ll be more susceptible to trying out the pool when tepidity is maintained. Dancing and outdoor games are some great ideas on how to achieve this.

Some don’t abandon your pool just because Summer is over. With the above ideas, your pool can still retain its allure and host great parties all through Fall.


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