Pros And Cons Of Letting Your Dog In The Pool

by / Monday, 13 November 2017 / Published in Blog, Maintenance

The idea of having dogs in the pool is in most cases laughable. However, the truth is that dogs love to swim just as many dog lovers do. Swimming is beneficial to dogs just as it is to humans. Their buoyancy in water enables them to have maximum movement with less stress and minimal discomfort on their joints.

It also lets them work out their body muscles without putting weight on the joints. The result is healthier dogs that are more conditioned.

Should you then let your dog into the pool? Before letting your dog into your pool, it is important that you understand the risks and maintenance issues that come with having dogs in the pool. Here are pros and cons of letting your dog in the pool:


  • Swimming is an awesome form of exercise for your dog. Water therapy is an excellent way to strengthen, exercise, and condition your dog.
  • While at it, your dog gets to cool down.
  • It is fun. Your dog will definitely have fun swimming in the pool even as you have fun watching them.
  • Modern pool filtration systems are more advanced than they were two decades ago. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about pet hair in the filter anymore.


  • Letting your dog in the pool may be dangerous if you’re swimming together with the dog or your children. You might accidentally get a scratch from the sharp claws extending from the paws.
  • It is believed that all dogs know how to swim naturally. The truth is that is not always the case. Some dogs don’t like being in water or even taking a bath. They prefer walking around puddles. Besides, most dogs need training to understand how to swim safely in the pool. Moreover, if you have a senior dog or puppy, their muscles may not be well prepared to swim. You definitely don’t want to them into the pool as they might just drown.
  • Dog fur is finer, hence harder to control compared to other debris or leaves. Different breeds of dogs have different levels of shedding. If your dog sheds heavily, you must take into account the work that amount of hair will have on your filtration system.
  • Dogs that swim are usually susceptible to ear infections. Therefore, you need to prepare the dog well by taking it to your veterinarian before an infection occurs.
  • If you are swimming along with your dog, you might also get the dog’s fur on your body. This is particularly not appealing to your family members or even guests. That is not all. There are also other tag-alongs on dog fur that include ticks, fleas and other bugs that could latch onto your pet easily. This can be dangerous for you.


Overall, if you need to give your dog a treat in the pool, ensure that they know how to swim. In addition, take all the other precautionary measures for both the dog and yourself to prevent the likelihood of accidents occurring in the pool.

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