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Palm Beach Green Pool Cleaning

One of the biggest nightmares for any pool owner is having a green pool. Swimming pool water is supposed to be clear. Having a green pool is a sign that algae, bacteria, and other contaminants are present (in extraordinarily unhealthy quantities) in your pool.

However, despite the grimness of this situation, there is no need to despair. With professional help and regular maintenance, you can rehabilitate your pool. But first, we need to understand what causes your pool water to turn green.

What causes a green pool?

There are three main causes of a green pool:


Neglect is the number one cause of a green pool. If you have not had your pool cleaned for a long period of time, then algae and bacteria will use your pool as their habitat. This is especially true for warmer climates.

Malfunctioning filtration system

If your water filtration system is not working properly or has ceased working altogether, then you can be guaranteed of having a green pool within a short period of time. The filtration system does not only clear debris but also microscopic algae and bacteria.

Improper chemical balance

The main purpose of pool chemicals is to make your pool inhospitable for any bacteria and algae. So, if your pool is green, you might be using the wrong chemicals (or the wrong ratios) for your pool.

How to rehabilitate a green pool

Find out why it is green

You need to identify why your pool is green. Is it a problem with the filtration system? Are you taking too long between maintenance sessions? Does your pool have the wrong pH balance? Once you diagnose the problem you can then come up with a long lasting management strategy.

Thoroughly clean the pool surfaces

If your pool is green, that means that its walls and floor is slimy with algae and bacteria. The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly clean all surfaces with a pool brush to ensure that there is no lingering slime and debris on any of the surfaces. Failure to do this might leave traces of slime that will cause a re-infestation.

Shock the pool

Pool shocking involves super chlorinating the pool water with large amounts of chlorine to kill off the existing algae and bacteria. Find out what amount of chlorine is perfect for your pool size when ‘shocking’ it.

Ensure that the filtration system is working

Ensure that your pool filtration system is working well. Ideally, you need the help of a professional to diagnose and repair (as necessary) your filtration system. If your pool regularly turns green, it might be a sign that your filtration system is inadequate.

Regularly maintain your pool

If you follow these steps, then your pool water should lose its green coloration within a week or so. To avoid being in the same situation again, ensure that you regularly clean and maintain your pool, and its filtration system.

Ultimately, using a professional pool maintenance service is the best bet for ensuring that your pool never turns green.

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