Easy Weekend Projects For You To Do By The Pool

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A weekend spent around the pool is the perfect way to wind down and enjoy time with friends and family.  If you want to do more than just catch some rays on a sunbed all weekend, why not start a quick and easy project that can be finished before you go back to work on Monday?

Here in Florida, we are blessed with great weather almost all year round, so pool days can be any day.  So grab your tools and some basic materials and set yourself up in the backyard for a quick and easy pool project for your backyard.

  1. Cosy comfy garden seating

Designer garden furniture is all very well if you want your garden to look high end and permanently pristine.  But, if you want a relaxing space that’s perfect for sharing a beer with friends, homemade garden seating adds an instant touch of BoHo chic.

Easy to make and customize, cinderblock and wood seating is durable and budget-friendly.  Paint your cinderblocks in a color that complements your yard and personality and throw some cushions on the back for comfort.   Perfect for sitting around the pool all year round.

  1. Make An Outdoor Storage Table

Add some character to your patio or deck area, with a coffee table that doubles up as a storage box for keeping things safe and dry.  Invite friends over for coffee or an evening margarita with this impressive but simple idea.

Find a galvanized bucket or another large metal container that has a solid, flat base to keep your drinks stable.  Next, find an attractive looking piece of lumber, that can be sanded to protect against splinters, and polished for easy wipe down, and simply place it on the top of your bucket.  Surround your new table with floor cushions for a bohemian feel, or place it next to your existing garden benches for a more grown-up look. Perfect for your next impromptu pool party.

  1. Build A Backyard BBQ Grill

Sure, you can pick up DIY grill island kits that will enable you to build the grill of your dreams, but if you have your heart set on something simpler, a brick BBQ will add a rustic feel to your outdoor space.  Find reclaimed or mismatched bricks, a simple grill tray and a quick online guide and you can being enjoy a beer around the BBQ by evening.

  1. Float Away On A Home Made Hammock

Pool noodles are perfect for making your own pool floats.  From simple recliners to pirate ships for the kids, the opportunities are endless.  Get crafty with two short size noodles and a good size length of mesh fabric and you can make your very own, custom sized pool hammock for a fraction of the cost of buying one from new.  If you are feeling adventurous you could go all out and make your very own noodle rafts for you and your friends to enjoy.

  1. Finally, Make It A Family Affair

Colored crayons, chalks and paints, blocks of wood and other leftover bits of material can all be turned into fun games and activities for you all to enjoy.  Use ground paint to mark out a Twister board on your grass, or get creative with some chalk drawing on the deck.  Old bits of wood become perfect for a bit of outdoor Jenga and large scraps of fabric, or cardboard are just right for building dens.

Enjoy your backyard, and make it your own by adding character to your own custom-made weekend DIY projects.

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