Turn A Boring Backyard Into A Wonderful Water Garden

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The gentle sound of running water is truly beautiful.  It is soothing and serene and adds an extra dimension to even the smallest of backyards.   Playing in the pool is great for keeping our bodies cool, but tranquil water features and fountains can do wonders for winding down the mind.

You can turn your bare backyard into a stunning and totally zen water garden with just a little time and effort.   Need inspiration?  Try these ideas to find peace in your own private oasis.

Dig A Pond

Whether you plan to build your own or have one professionally installed, backyard ponds offer a variety of benefits to you, your local wildlife and even the environment. Building a pond is immensely useful for attracting local wildlife that live in or around water. Insects, spiders, crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and even mammals, all use clean water point as breeding sites and as a home.

From your own perspective, you can add the illusion of space with a simple backyard pond, or add grandeur with a selection of water features, fountains and even statues and objet d’art to suit your own personal style.

Add A Water Feature

Water features come in all shapes and sizes.  From small and discreet features hidden away in flower beds, to distinctive feature pieces designed to be seen from all angles, there is a water feature for everyone.

Once installed, waters features are pretty low maintenance.  You will need to clean it regularly to prevent a build-up of algae and ensure that there are no blockages, but this should be quick and easy enough to do.

Water features can be traditional and grand, or unique and contemporary and can be made from a variety of materials like stone, resin, cast stone, fiberglass, copper, wood, slate or even stainless steel. They come in all shapes and sizes and to suit all budgets.  A water feature makes the perfect focal point for your backyard and something to enjoy watching while making the most of the year round Florida sunshine.

Install A Water Fountain

Similar in many ways to a water feature, fountains offer an ambiance of opulence to larger outdoor spaces.  They offer peace and tranquility, but on a more upmarket scale.  If you want your backyard to look a million dollars on a dime store budget you can save money by adding a solar powered fountain that costs nothing to run.

You can choose from waterfall fountains with water rushing downwards, or cascading and tiered fountains that offer a gentle flow, in classic or contemporary styles.

Turn Your Yard Into A Work Of Art

If you are looking for something really special in your own private water garden, there are plenty of inspired ways to integrate water into your yard. Use colors, textures, sounds, and movements that soothe and simply captivate. Water walls and curtains offer something truly unique and very sophisticated, whilst offering you the constant calming look and sound of running water all day long.

European opulence with ornate fountains, or Asian style zen with perfectly placed ponds and stonework can transform your yard into the perfect outdoor living space.  Whatever your style, and your budget, turning your backyard into a water garden simply takes a little bit of imagination.

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