4 Best Swimming Pools for College Competition

by / Wednesday, 25 January 2017 / Published in Pool News

Aquatic centers from around the country cater to athletes both professional as well as novice swimming thousands of meters yearly to perfect their level of skill. Keeping that in mind should tell you how imperative it is to have a facility that will accommodate these swimmers whether they are practical or training at a collegiate level. Here is a list of five of the best swimming pools in the USA that we thought we’d highlight in this week’s blog.

The Denison Trumball Aquatic Center located in Granville, Ohio stretches across 75, 943 square feet and can accommodate up to 740 spectators. The depth of these pools is between 7-8.5 feet and even includes a 16 man jacuzzi for sore muscles. It’s known to be one of the best schools for people wanting to pursue careers as pro-athletes. This is a beautiful facility, and we’re convinced that the pool architecture is a solid one.

Stanford’s Avery Aquatic Center features a large outdoor facility and why wouldn’t it being located in California. This beautiful venue also hosts one of the best dive schools around. The dive platforms include 1,3,5,7.5 and 10 meters, and there are dive towers on either side. Home of some of the greatest Olympic champions, Avery is noted as having the best diving teams in the world. The boast every type of water sport you can think of from water polo to synchronized swimming making this a complete center for perfecting one’s athletic abilities.

The Lee and Joe Jamail’s Swimming Center, the University of Texas, is one that is opened 24 hours a day and was constructed with underwater lighting, dive towers up to 10 meters, and is the home of some very elite swimmers. The Longhorns are certainly proud to host their competitions at this state of the art center that even include WiFi connections for those studying or running reports for the local paper. A lovely facility with many perks for both home and visitors alike.

If you’re attending a competition at Purdue, the Natatorium is one where you won’t have any issues seeing your favorite star swimmer. This swimming complex holds up to 4700 people, is full of 2,000,000 gallons of water and even offers training for lifeguards program. This is one school that is ideal for those wanting to perfect their backstroke or butterfly techniques and what a perfect place to show it off when you do.

These are all fantastic schools with excellent track records for both spectators and students alike. While there are a lot of other facilities, these are a few you may want to consider if your son or daughter shows an interest in taking to the water more competitively.

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