5 Things You Need to Know About Aquatherapy and Children with Disabilities

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Children of all ages love to swim. In fact, most kids are naturals when they take to the water and seemingly understand the mechanics even if it’s their first time. You can best be sure this type of modality is an excellent resource for children who have been diagnosed with some disability. This blog highlights the least you need to know with five things about aqua therapy that may help you decide if introducing aquatics is right for your son or daughter.

  1. Warm Water Temperatures relaxes the muscles
  2. Swimming is low impact
  3. Teaches mobility and strength in standing
  4. Tones muscles
  5. Circulates the Blood

When children suffer from medical issues that attack the joints, bones, and muscles warm water can help to alleviate some of that tension by loosening up the muscles tissue and bones helping the child become more relaxed. Keep in mind cooler water temperatures may have the opposite effect so consider the warmth of the water and how your child may react.

Swimming is low impact on joints and muscles making it the perfect exercise for those who have weak limbs. With genetic diseases, such as muscular dystrophy, weakening the muscle, this type of activity can benefit because it helps to keep arms and legs moving. The flip side is this can be ultra-relaxing and help your child sleep better at night.

When it comes to hypertonia, children who have daily exercise become more aware of their body and what it’s doing. They will strengthen their standing and gate as well as become more mobile since the resistance of the water helps them to become privy to how their body performs.

No matter who you are, swimming will help you to tone muscle. The more you hit the water, the stronger you become. Look at athlete swimmers and how lean they are, and swimming organically changes your body’s composition. Children who have disabilities are encouraged to kick their legs, move their arms and to go against the weight of the water; they begin to build strength.

Swimming is an excellent solution to poor blood circulation. When children are confined to wheelchairs or other devices, they need this extra boost of blood to circulate so they can be comfortable.

These are just a few of the many benefits for you to consider when introducing your child to an aqua therapy treatment. Be sure to check for a location near you that offer this type of therapy such as your community pool if you don’t have one.

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