6 Ways To Keep Critters Out Of Your Pool

by / Thursday, 25 May 2017 / Published in Blog, Pool News


It’s quite annoying when critters start moving in on your pool. They ruin the aesthetics of your swimming pool, they make the water unsanitary, and they ruin the mood. With summer coming up, you need to ensure that your pool territory is completely critter-free. After all, you’ll be spending lots of time here over the next 3 months. Below, check out 6 ways to make this happen.


  1. Install a pool cover

One of the easiest ways to keep critters out of your pool is to install a pool cover. Pool covers, also called pool blankets, are relatively cheap. Most are made of plastic and can be bought at any pool equipment store. Simply place them over the pool and keep critters, especially bugs, from getting in. A pool cover will also keep your pool warmer by trapping heat from the sun.


  1. Install a pool fence

A more permanent solution to pool critters is pool fencing. Your pool maintenance guys can install a fence around your pool and effectively keep pets, and even kids, away from the pool. Most pool fences are made of steel bars and timber. But you can even install a pool fence made of glass, metal sheets or polycarbonate sheets. Such fences will keep more critters out, e.g. insects and rodents.


  1. Construct a perimeter drain

Another idea is to construct a perimeter drain complete with a grate at the top all around the pool. This drain will help trap crawling critters as they try to make their way to the pool. It will act as a skimmer of sorts, only that it won’t be connected to the pool water. Such a drain would also help to collect dirty water when cleaning around the pool.


  1. Keep your pool area clean

It would also help if you would keep your pool area clean. Sometimes critters will come towards your pool because they smell food there, even if it’s just crumbs. Rodents and insects are notorious for doing this. So keep your pool area extremely clean and avoid eating around the pool. This, to some degree, will dissuade some critters from coming around to your pool.


  1. Install bug zappers

In the case of bugs, you can install bug zappers around your pool. Bug zappers use electricity and are mostly portable. You can set about two or three around the pool. They are very effective, especially at night. They will attract bugs and then zap them dead right on the spot. This will draw the bugs away from your pool and eliminate them for good.


  1. Remove vegetation around your pool

Lastly, you can try to keep critters away from the pool area by removing any vegetation around it. Vegetation such as shrubs and bushes act as habitats for pests and insects. By removing the vegetation, you can effectively remove some of the critters that live or hide there as well.

With summer coming up, try these methods and enjoy the pool all to yourself!

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