7 Pool Toys To Prepare For Summer

by / Thursday, 25 May 2017 / Published in Blog

The summer season is just about to begin. So if you own a pool and want to give the entire family a great summer season that they will never forget, this is the time to start buying and stocking up on pool toys. We have searched the web to bring you some of the coolest stuff out there. Check them out below.

  1. Water slides

Water slides never get old. Kids love them and adults will take a ride on them if they get the chance. Water slides combine pool play and garden play to make your whole outdoors a big play area. You can opt for traditional fixed slides or you can go for more cushy inflatable models that can be placed anywhere around the pool.

  1. Pool floats

Another pool toy that doesn’t go out of fashion is pool floats. After all, who doesn’t enjoy lazily drifting over the sparkly water as they bask in the sun while their feet tap at the cold water? You can get traditional floats like the couch or the donut for adults and themed floats like swans, flamingoes, island pool floats, and even pizza-themed floats for kids.

  1. Water guns/tags

Another pool toy that the kids, and even some adults and teens, will love is water guns. These are great for poolside play around the garden or patio. Go for the larger units which can hold more water and offer prolonged gameplay. You can also opt for water tag guns. These squirt water with more force and are ideal for older kids or adults.


  1. Swim through rings

Swim through rings are actual rings that remain vertically suspended in the water and allow swimmer to move through them while below water. They are great for swimming in circles around the pool and kids will use them to see who can pass through every ring. Not only are they fun, they also encourage kids to learn how to navigate through water better.


  1. Basketball hoops

Basketball pool hoops are another pool toy that you should consider for this year’s summer season. They are great fun for kids and adults alike. Consider inflatable hoops for kids and poolside hoops for adults. These are ideal for passing lazy afternoons when everyone is bored of lazying about.


  1. Pool volleyball

Basketball aside, pool volleyball toys are a great idea as well. With pool volleyball, everyone can gather around the pool and have a great time either playing or cheering on. You can go for inflatable volleyball floats or poolside mounts. The latter is better suited for adults or older teens


  1. Floating battle boards

Last but not least, consider also getting floating battle boards. These are more like paddle boards only they are inflatable and have handles. They are a great alternative to pool floats especially for the kids. Using flutter kicks, your kids will be able to move around the pool and battle each other using mounted water squirters.


There are also lots more pool toys out there if you want more options. Check out pool toy stores and start placing your orders before summer catches you unaware.

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