The Alluring World of Infiniti Pools and How They Draw You In

by / Tuesday, 10 January 2017 / Published in Blog
Switching Your Pool to Salt Water

Whether you’ve seen them in a resort or someone’s backyard, at some point you had to be intrigued by the structure and inviting nuance of an Infiniti pool. The swimming pool architecture can include multiple walls or maybe just one that seems to stop water from abruptly spilling over the edge. When positioned in the right environment the water appears to float into the air forever thus the word “Infinity,” in our case “Infiniti” and there’s so much more to these incredible designs that will make you want to jump in!

These swimming pools give the illusion the water goes on for eternity. The designs and construction are dynamic, dramatic and nothing less than luxurious. Many of the sides for the pool are so well thought out they can create a tranquil and alluring environment that’s perfect for relaxing.

Other than relaxing these beautiful pools are constructed as modern and contemporary but also cap off traditional styles with a flair of mystery. When you think of an infinity pool, there are a few characteristics to consider. This type of swimming pool becomes a focal point for your backyard living space.

The edge of the pool which carries over generally has a spill slot or wall that leads to a reservoir where the water is recycled or discarded. The wall that drops over is a nice addition because it also acts as a waterfall feature.

Some of the walls can be constructed with heavy-duty resins and other materials that allow sturdy construction, but they can also be transparent and create another great feature for your swimming pool.

If the pool is indoors, this can be a bit tricky but the design-build phase will most likely give the appearance the water is running flush with a wall, window or even the flooring.

It’s best to work in close collaboration with pool designers who specialize in this type of aquatic architecture as they can have solutions to certain design flaws and other issues that may arise. These swimming pools aren’t done cheap and need to be done right, so there’s not major catastrophe later.

If you’ve been contemplating a new design for your swimming pool or adding one to your interior or exterior, take the time to look over some a handful of models on the market that are current. Make notes of what you like and dislike and present these to your builder or contractor. It’s best to show rather than tell in this situation as there are many designing options.

Regardless of wanting the pool to be an exciting and inviting element in your home or yard, an Infiniti Pool is a home addition you can be proud of for years to come.

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