How to Attract Nature To Your Backyard

by / Wednesday, 17 January 2018 / Published in Blog

Florida is home to a diverse and unique selection of wildlife, but their natural habitats are diminishing over time.  So why not do your bit for the environment, and make your garden a safe haven for some of natures most beautiful beasts?

A garden filled with birds and butterflies also makes for a homely paradise right outside your window.  With a bit of thought and a few easy tweaks, you can attract all manner of wildlife to spend time with you in your own backyard.

If you want to woo your local wildlife, there are some really simple ways to do so.  Here are our top 5 ways to attract nature to your backyard.

Feed The Birds

Adding a bird feeder to your yard is a super simple and obvious way to attract the birds.   You can buy one or make one from a wooden box that can be attached to a tree or fence.  You will need to keep it off of the ground to ensure it is safe from neighborhood cats and other predators.  Add a selection of nuts, seeds, and even breadcrumbs to tempt the birds.  You can make your own bird feed or buy some from your local pet store.

Add A Bird Bath

Even tropical birds like a cool soak and a quick drink on hot summer days.  A bird bath not only makes a great ornamental feature, it also makes a fine pool area for hummingbirds and their fellow flyers to enjoy.  Freestanding pedestal baths are easy for birds to access and just as easy for you to keep topped up and clean.

Think About What You Plant

Nature attracts nature, and by far one of the easiest ways to attract wildlife to your backyard is by planting bird and beast friendly flowers and shrubs.

Colorful plants will not only make your garden look gorgeous, it will also attract hummingbirds, ladybugs, butterflies, and bees. Choose a variety of plants that offer different scents and colors, as well as those that flower at different times of the year. Taller flowers and plants will attract creatures that fly, while coneflowers, snapdragons, and alfalfa are irresistible for butterflies.

If you want to keep your backyard busy as night falls too, buddleia and evening primrose attract night time creatures like moths and bats.

Replace Your Fence With A Hedge

Replace your tired old fence with a green, living boundary hedge. Not only will it bring delightful color and aroma to the garden and mark the boundary line, it can also allow access for small wild creatures.  When it comes to wildlife, a hedge is a fantastic garden feature that can provide homes and food for many insects and birds. Hedges offer shelter and a place to hibernate and nest, while they feast on the flowers and berries the shrubbery provides.

Finally, keep it natural

Pesticides and other toxic formulas may appear to help your garden grow, but in reality, they repel wildlife, and in some cases can be dangerous to them.  Try to find natural, organic alternatives, either pre-produced or ready made.

Take a little time to research which wildlife thrives in your neighborhood and find ways to attract them to visit your backyard.  You will be doing something great for the local wildlife, and your friends and family will love meeting your new backyard roommates.

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