The gentle sound of running water is truly beautiful.  It is soothing and serene and adds an extra dimension to even the smallest of backyards.   Playing in the pool is great for keeping our bodies cool, but tranquil water features and fountains can do wonders for winding down the mind. You can turn your bare

How to Attract Nature To Your Backyard

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Florida is home to a diverse and unique selection of wildlife, but their natural habitats are diminishing over time.  So why not do your bit for the environment, and make your garden a safe haven for some of natures most beautiful beasts? A garden filled with birds and butterflies also makes for a homely paradise

A weekend spent around the pool is the perfect way to wind down and enjoy time with friends and family.  If you want to do more than just catch some rays on a sunbed all weekend, why not start a quick and easy project that can be finished before you go back to work on

Add Some Bamboo To Your Backyard

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You may have the best pool and the best view in your whole neighborhood, but if your backyard is otherwise bare, who’s going to enjoy it?  Bamboo is the perfect, trendy addition to your deck, grass and garden areas, and whether you intend to plant it, or sit on it, it adds class and serenity

Green Pool? No Problem

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One of the biggest nightmares for any pool owner is having a green pool. Swimming pool water is supposed to be clear. Having a green pool is a sign that algae, bacteria, and other contaminants are present (in extraordinarily unhealthy quantities) in your pool. However, despite the grimness of this situation, there is no need

Leave Your Pool Maintenance to the Pros

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Swimming pools are one of the most attractive features when buying a home. They provide you and your family with an entertainment spot on your property and swimming is one of the most intense (and enjoyable) forms of exercise. The downside to owning a pool, however, is the maintenance needs that come along with them.

Winter By The Pool in Florida

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For most people across the US, winter is a time to pull the cover over the swimming pool and forget about getting into the water for a while. That’s because the low temperatures and the freezing water renders most pools (or the idea of bearing skin outdoors) too harsh to even think about. However, if

Pool Storage Ideas

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Many prospective pool owners don’t know that a swimming pool comes with a lot of ‘stuff’. There’s the pool cleaning equipment, pool toys such as balls and inflatables, pool floaters (which take up lots of space when inflated), pool slides which have to be stored once deflated, towels, and more. And if you are going

Pool Lighting Ideas

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Introducing lights to your pool or its surroundings will go a long way in creating a great ambiance. This is especially ideal when you want to use the pool and the outdoor living spaces at night. Pool lighting may also be used as a safety measure to guide people to see around the pool once

Holiday Pool Decorations

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With the festive season being around the corner, it’s likely that you will be hosting guests in your home. There’s no better place to entertain your guests in the home than by the poolside. And you’ll do well to create a festive mood around your pool by decorating the pool area. Here are some pool