Babies and Swimming Pools Why You Need to Teach Your Child to Swim

by / Monday, 06 February 2017 / Published in Pool News

We’ve all seen it before on television where they throw an infant into the water and the child innately can hold his/her breath and swim. Introducing your kids to swimming and being around a pool are not only healthy but necessary for the child’s survival if an accident should occur. In this blog, we point out some benefits to using swimming as your child’s first form of exercise and how it can help.

Ask most physicians, and they’ll give you a timeframe of six months for a year to teach your child how to swim. While that may be true, many mothers and fathers will argue the sooner, the better. Because a child’s first introduction to the water can often be a scary one, it’s good to get them comfortable with the water even before they can walk or say their first words. Children just naturally love the water and need to be taught that the pool has its risks. In most cases, homeowners take extra precautions to making the pool a safe zone by adding locks, alarms and safety nets. But how beneficial is the swimming for infants?

There is a multitude of fortune for babies and toddlers to learn how to swim. Kids can get stressed out like the rest of us. The relaxation of the water on a hot Florida day can be very useful in easing your child’s mind. This can be particularly true when house guests and visitors are present who may be creating a bit more of a stir than what your son or daughter is used to.

Another interest you may have is the physical fitness aspect of swimming with kids. Swimming helps to tone muscles, use the eye to hand coordination and increase cognition. Your baby will have a stronger gate than kids who don’t swim and will learn more self-control.

If you have small children, who use the pool be sure to let your pool cleaners know, as they can use less harsh chemicals that won’t burn the eyes and skin.

Regardless of chlorine, getting your baby to like and trust the water is half the battle. Teach them not to drink the water. Teach your child the ins and outs of being in the pool. Kids who are comfortable and safe, enjoy swimming even more and you’ll feel a lot more at ease yourself.

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