Backyard Pool Safety Must-Haves

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There are always two sides to every coin. Pools have two sides too. While they are advantageous in swimming health benefits and fun poolside activities, a considerably large collection of water could be a hazard in itself. Public pools have lifeguards on the watch dedicated to providing safety and guidance round the clock during operational hours. This is, however, not the case for home and backyard pools. You as the owner hold the responsibility of ensuring the safety of your backyard pool.

The Pool Guys of Palm Beach are not only experienced in hands-on pool services, but also in safety measures for backyard pools. Here are the safety must-haves for every backyard pool.

  1. Pool barriers/fences

As much as backyard and home pools are personable, it’s advisable to install the entire pool perimeter with a 4-feet high fence or barrier. The barrier’s gate should be self-closing and self-latching to prevent unmonitored kids and toddlers from gaining entry to the pool area. In some parts of the world such as Australia, such measures are actually legislative requirements.

  1. Pool covers

When the pool is not in use, roll on the pool cover. It not only saves one from falling into the water, it also goes a long way in keeping the pool clean and warm. If you own an above ground pool, ensure that you remove any ladders or steps used to access it. That way, the kids won’t be able to climb into the pool.

  1. Pool alarms

Response makes all the difference in saving lives. Ensure you install a pool alarm that automatically arms when there is no activity on the pool. An alarm that goes off anytime one enters the pool without unarming it could be the key to avoiding pool-related accidents. This applies to adults, children, and even pets.

  1. Drain covers

All pools have drainers about a foot from the edge of the water that safely drains spilled over water back into the pool. Ensure that you have covers for all drains and openings for the pool as they pose a threat to life. The suction force from the backyard pool drainers can trap a person’s arms, hair, leg and any other body part, leading to fatal injuries.

  1. CPR experience

“Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or star.” Those are the words of Confucius, a wise ancient Chinese philosopher, and they remain true even to backyard pool safety. Owning a pool compels you to gain experience in emergency CPR. While fast response teams are just a phone dial away, your knowledge of CPR could be the single most important factor when you run into a pool drowning incident.

  1. Waterproof phone

Accidents and emergencies can occur at any time. A waterproof phone is a backyard pool safety must-have in case you need to call an emergency response team. And if you can’t afford a waterproof phone, buy a cheap plastic phone case/bag/pouch.

  1. Safety jackets & floaters

Even the most experienced swimmer can get a muscle cramp while swimming. Ensure that you have both adult-sized and children’s safety jackets at your reach, as well as floaters on the pool at all times. These will go a long way in eliminating chances of drowning.

  1. Supervision

Child access to the backyard pool should only happen under strict adult supervision.

With these safety considerations, your pool will remain a happy place where everyone can enjoy the water and the ambiance without any reservations whatsoever.

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