Best Hotel Swimming Pools in South Florida

by / Wednesday, 25 January 2017 / Published in Pool News

Who wouldn’t think of lounging by the swimming pool when it comes to vacationing in Florida? While there is a multitude of top hotels in no matter what coast you’re planning on staying, you’re sure to find that several these hotels offer resort-style pools that are the main attraction. In case you haven’t been to South Florida, we’ll give you some hot tips on where to stay if you’re seeking hospitality via poolside.

5.0 Stars

The Breakers in Palm Beach is right up to the road from Trump’s Mara Lago residence and hotel. This 5-star luxury hotel offers four pools with whirlpool spas and a beach club including 1-mile of private beach access. No matter what you pleasure, the different pools have something for everyone. From the infinity pool with secluded bungalows to the active pool suitable for kids, this is a venue that will keep everyone smiling when going for a swim.

4.5 Stars

Now we jump down to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for some rest. This excellent resort has “pamper yourself” written all over! From the exotic plants to the covered cabanas the pool architects knew this would be a well-visited amenity. The tranquil pool is an excellent escape for those looking to get away from the sounds of slot machines and crowds. If you’ve not been to this hotel, we think it’s a grand place to put on a bathing suit and just enjoy the sun.

4.5 Stars

Florida is well known for its tourist destinations such as Miami Beach. The 1 Hotel in South Beach takes your breath away no matter if you’re above or below the water. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and showing panoramic views of the city skyline this is one swimming pool meant for beauty. The best part is, you’ll find this cement pond on top of the roof! Just picture lounging while gazing at the night sky full of stars in a pool that’s well-lit for late night diving. This is one incredible place to relax after a night out.

These are some of the best swimming pools you’ll find in the South Florida Area a couple of the nicest hospitality locations around. Be sure to visit them even if you live here since they’re all excellent properties that offer one of the best amenities a pool!

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