Best Swimsuit Fashions for 2017 ALA Poolside

by / Wednesday, 05 April 2017 / Published in Blog, Pool News

When you live in a place such as Palm Beach County, you’ll soon realize bathing suits aren’t just a summer wardrobe item. These tiny outfits are almost an everyday necessity, especially if you live where there’s a swimming pool. We decided it would be fun to feature some of the latest styles that we see ALA poolside!

This year one super smoking hot look is that of the Monokini. This is a one-piece halter top for your entire figure. This look is perfect lounging by the pool and the response for this little number will melt any popsicle. Be sure to get a cover up for when the tan lines become too intense.

Another excellent look for the ladies is the high waist and tank-kind. Gone are the days with the bikini or thong bottoms. This vintage style covers up the muffin tops and pooch to give you a chic and glamorous appearance that’s 100% styling even during a swim. Why? Because this number is safe for diving and several other recreational aquatics, makes this one of the favorites.

Next, according to Esquire magazine, it looks like the shorter trunks are more suitable for 2017. The lengths for men’s swimwear is about mid-thigh. What makes these looks fresh compared to the swim trunks from previous years are the patterns and textiles. Rather than Hawaiian floral prints, we see a lot of stripes and solid colors such as orange and navy blue. All are excellent choices with the newest length.

Speaking of prints, whether you’re taking a dive into your pool or soaking in a jacuzzi, floral prints are going to be really hot this year. While florals are in, the tropical flowers are out. What’s been flooding all the magazines and runways are the traditional roses, daisies, and butterflies. There’s also a lot of pairing with stipes, polka dots, and solids. In other words, your tops and bottoms don’t have to match, giving this a superb style while dipping your toes in the water.

Navy blue and white seem to be one of the biggest color schemes across the board. If you’re a guy, you might see more stripes, girls there are some sexy combinations with stripes, solids, and dots to keep you looking your best while living the life.

We hope you find our fashion observation useful for this year’s bathing suits. While we don’t sell swimwear, we can help you create the best pool in South Florida. Contact us today to learn more.

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