The idea of having dogs in the pool is in most cases laughable. However, the truth is that dogs love to swim just as many dog lovers do. Swimming is beneficial to dogs just as it is to humans. Their buoyancy in water enables them to have maximum movement with less stress and minimal discomfort

Backyard Cabanas

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If you’ve spent some time in a cabana, then you have lived a moment of luxury. Backyard cabanas are temporary standalone structures that are built away from the main house, usually alongside swimming pools or beaches.  What’s a backyard cabana for? They are handy when it comes to giving privacy while also protecting you from

Now that summer 17’ is officially over, it probably means all the pool party fun goes along with it until next year, right? Wrong! Pool Guys of Palm Beach got news for you folks, fall is great for a pool party, and especially in South Florida. When life gives you lemons, call a bunch of

Hurricane Pool Cleanup

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One of the most catastrophic hurricanes in US history, Hurricane Irma, managed to hit the State of Florida, leaving behind unimaginable damage. Pool Guys of Palm Beach being a native resident of Lake Worth, Florida, we are here to help. Storms and hurricanes bring along an assortment of damage, some which can go unseen. Cleaning

Backyard Pool Safety Must-Haves

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There are always two sides to every coin. Pools have two sides too. While they are advantageous in swimming health benefits and fun poolside activities, a considerably large collection of water could be a hazard in itself. Public pools have lifeguards on the watch dedicated to providing safety and guidance round the clock during operational

Consider Solar Heating For Your Pool

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Water heaters are part and parcel of our lives. You have the option to choose between gas heaters or electric powered heaters. They can, however, leave you with a huge bill at the end of the month, especially if they are used as pool heaters. Temperatures fall to unfavorable levels especially during fall and winter.

Apps You Can Use With Your Pool

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For homeowners, there are fewer better amenities to have on your property other than a personal pool. Apart from the fun that you and your family will enjoy, swimming offers an enjoyable way to soothe your body and exercise it at the very same time. Maintaining a pool, on the other hand, is a more

Popular Pool Games And Toys

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Switching your pool to saltwater

One of the benefits of having access to a private pool is that you can introduce new pool games and pool toys to improve the overall pool experience. Pool toys can either make it easier for young children to learn how to swim or they can be integrated into pool games to make the swimming

Infinity Pools

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Some call them infinity pools. Others call them endless, negative-edge, zero-edge, vanishing-edge, or disappearing-edge pools. The bottom line is that they are beautiful, scenic, and overly mysterious. They are the type of pools you expect to see in high-end beach hotels or vacation homes for the filthy rich. However, they are becoming more popular as

Pool Finishes That Give Cool Water Colors

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A pool’s interior finish can elevate it to a whole new dimension of grace and style. There’s no dearth to the number of pool finishes available. Take a look at some of the pool finishes that give cool watercolors. Plaster This is the oldest pool design and it features a simple blend of Portland cement