Consider Solar Heating For Your Pool

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Water heaters are part and parcel of our lives. You have the option to choose between gas heaters or electric powered heaters. They can, however, leave you with a huge bill at the end of the month, especially if they are used as pool heaters. Temperatures fall to unfavorable levels especially during fall and winter. Frequent heating of the pool either for private or commercial use during this time can get really expensive. There is, however, a cheaper and friendlier alternative. Pool Guys of Palm Beach recommend solar heating for your pool.

How solar heating works

Solar heaters are just normal heaters, only this time, instead of the expensive gas or electricity, you get solar panels to harness the sun’s heat. Most solar powered pool heating systems include five main components:

  1. The solar panel

Solar panels are large reflective electrical devices consisting of large arrays of connected solar cells. The solar cells are dedicated to converting the sun’s heat into energy. The panels are installed in an open area (mostly rooftops) free from shadows so as to maximize total harvest of the sun rays.

  1. Water filter

The water filter removes any dirt and debris from the water as it gets pumped into the solar collector.

  1. Solar Collector

When the solar panel converts sunlight into energy, the energy is then converted into heat by the solar collector. Filtered water is pumped into the solar collector where it gets heated by the sun’s converted energy.

  1. The pump

The pump circulates water from the pool, through the water filter, to the solar collector, and finally back to the pool after it gets heated up.

  1. Flow control valve

This is an automatic or manual device whose main purpose is to prevent backflow of heated water back into the solar collector.

Why consider solar pool heaters?

Solar pool heaters have their perks compared to conventional gas or electric heaters. They include:

  1. Low installation costs

While it would cost you a couple thousand dollars to get gas or electric pool heaters installed for you, it will cost you even less to install solar pool heaters. The technology is rather simple in design, and the installation is not that complicated as well.

  1. Low maintenance costs

Gas powered pool heaters require frequent checkup. This could be as often as monthly – every time the gas company comes to refill it. Solar pool heaters require substantially low post-installation maintenance to keep them up and running.

  1. Utility cost savings

Solar heating uses renewable energy from the sun. It’s the cheapest source of energy on the planet. In comparison to gas or electric pool heaters, companies and households literally spend half the amount to heat the pools.

  1. Durability

Solar pool heaters are a one-time investment free from regular breakdowns like in the case of electric pool heaters. A properly installed pool heater will comfortably offer 20 to 25 years of service.

  1. Efficiency

The energy source is readily available, making pool heating efficient. As long as the sun is out, your pool will remain heated all through the day at no extra cost to you. There is no limit to how much solar heating you can harness.

Still using gas or electric heaters? Or worse,  no pool heating? Invest in a pool solar heater and enjoy all the above.

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