Create an Amazing Theme for Your Backyard Pool Get Together

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Spending time at pool parties are something that’s second nature to most Southern Floridians. Palm Beach County is no exception as many of the homes, condos and apartment complexes all spend time celebrating via poolside. In honor of our swimmers, sun worshipers and those who love to have fun, we’ve compiled a few ideas to help you with your next party. Read on!

While some people may have a creative mind, there are those of us who think more left brained. Not being crafty can deter us from coming up with some great ideas. However, using a theme for celebrations such as pool parties is a solution even if there’s not a creative bone in your body.

A Luau!

One theme that plays well at any age is a Luau! You can find a ton of decorations at places such as Walmart, Party City, and even the Dollar Store. Because this is one of the most familiar themes, it’s timeless. You can welcome your guests with Hawaiian leis that you buy or that you’ve hand made. Whatever the case may be, there’s a lot you can do to kick off the festivities. Think about serving beverages with pineapple and coconut to give a tropical flavor and don’t forget to put on some Don Ho to make it more authentic. The possibilities are endless with this type of pool party.


Next, the theme on the list, throw an Olympic pool party. This can be achieved easily by inviting your little swimmers to wear their USA swim suit and colors or choose a country of choice and replicate their bathing suits for fun. Also, if you have a rectangle pool, rope off sections. Then you can have relay races like they do in the competitions. Give ribbons as prizes and don’t forget to video tape the event with after race interviews. This is a very good idea that costs very little for those with a budget.

Unicorn Party

Besides the Luau and Olympic Party, think everything rainbow and throw a Unicorn Party! Both kids and adults will love this theme as you can suggest everyone to bring bright and neon colored swim wear, decorate the pool with colorful candles, lights, and inflatables. For festivities, have a noodle race or throw some rainbow-colored water balloons. There are lots of incredible ideas found on Pinterest to give you an extra boost of decorating power.

One of the easiest ways to plan and throw a great pool party is by using these themes. By sticking to a theme will make the planning easier. As a matter of fact, these ideas take a lot of the guessing out of the planning part and just make a backyard pool get together a whole lot more enjoyable.

Happy Planning!

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