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We all need an oasis. A peaceful and pleasant place where we can go to escape the stress of life. Home is that place for most people. But still, the calm of the house does not match the calm around the backyard pool. For a real escape from reality, you need a backyard pool oasis.

An ideal pool oasis

Here your imagination and budget are your greatest ally or foe. The ideal pool oasis is in your mind. What would you like to see when in your oasis? What would you like to do and what would you like to listen to? These are some of the questions you need to answer to design an ideal pool oasis.

Make a list of the things you would like to have in your oasis. A little online research will also add to your ideas. For instance, you may want your pool to have a water slide. Google “pool water slide” for more insight on designs and positioning.

Consider the space

How much of your backyard space do you want the pool oasis to occupy? Managing the space is a lot easier if you already have a pool. If you do not have one, it is time to decide how much space you want it to occupy. First, you need to decide the shape, and size of the pool. Then, decide how and where to position the pool deck and the other features you need in your pool oasis.

In most cases space is limited. So, you may have to prioritize the features you want in your oasis. You may have to forego the pool waterfall in favor of a tanning ledge.

Color combination

The landscape color, the color of the pool fixtures, the pool finish, and the pool deck finish should match. Be brave enough to use a combination of colors but be careful not to color clash. The color combination should be warm and relaxing.

The perfect color palate should have three colors – a primary color (could be green) a secondary color (could be blue) and an accent color (could be purple).

Privacy is a priority

In a perfect oasis, you need not worry about your neighbors prying eyes. There are some options to consider. If your pool has a wooden deck, then adding privacy screens is a viable option. The shade these screens provide might improve comfort during hot sunny days.

But, a “green” fence is even better, as it adds to the tranquility of the pool oasis. Plant dwarf trees, or hedges around the backyard or pool area. You do not have to wait long as there are some tree varieties that mature quite fast.

Pool deck

As you are designing your dream oasis, do not forget to add ample seating area on the pool deck. All the landscaping and color coordination will be for nothing if you or your family or friends cannot sit and enjoy the view. If the oasis is meant for family, you might want to consider building an outdoor living room in your backyard.

Designing a pool oasis is simply creating a tranquil and calm mood and atmosphere around your swimming pool. It should help you relax and escape from reality, at least for a short time.

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