DIY Pool Maintenance Versus Hiring a Pro

by / Monday, 31 July 2017 / Published in Blog, Pool News
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When it comes to your pool’s maintenance, there’s a lot that can be involved. Whether you have salt water or chemically balanced pools, there continue to be multiple tasks to keeping the water clean and healthy. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind tackling these things yourself, great! However, sometimes it makes more sense to hire a professional, and in this week’s blog, we give you a few reasons to consider.

More than meets the eye

First, professional pool cleaning from a reputable company doesn’t mean throwing some chemicals into a pool and calling it a day. They test the PH balance and inspect the pool to ensure that it’s safe to swim. With any swimming pool, there’s so much more to the maintenance than meets the eye.


One of the most critical issues for today’s homeowners is making sure the swimming pool and all wires are properly grounded. In other words, they will check the copper wires and the rest of the pools electrical, including lights to prevent electric shock from faulty wiring. Many of the older homes and pools need to have this critical service done as they are experiencing less than desirable results with unaware swimmers.


Next, your pool’s longevity is determined by the equipment. Your pump, filters and even your drain, can lead to issues with your swimming pool. If you are well versed in this type of machinery than excellent! But, if you’re not, a pool technician may be the better choice. Not only are these professionals going to vacuum the dirt from the bottom, but they will also know when issues arise from faulty systems. In this case, it’s often logical to delegate the service to people with experience and knowledge.

On the Surface

There are other problems where you may need to hire a pro, rather than tackling a job on your own. For instance, pool acid washes and resurfacing are other reservations that will help keep your pool intact. These jobs can be very tedious and when done correctly can help your swimming pool outlast weather and time. Also, you aren’t the one standing in the hot Florida sun sweating to complete the job.

Safety, prolonging the life of your pool, and staying out of the heat, are all good points to make when it comes to hiring a professional. Enjoy swimming and floating in your pool and leave the maintenance to the pros.  If you have further questions contact us directly.

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