FEATURED: Pool Guys Of Palm Beach Interviewed By CBS 12

by / Monday, 14 October 2013 / Published in Blog

Florida pool maintenance

Living in southern Florida has its perks – it IS called the Sunshine state after all – with the warm weather, having a pool open year round is very possible. However, living in south Florida proved not to be so luxurious for one family living near Tampa whose pool – open during the fall – popped out of the ground after improper pool maintenance. CBS 12  for the Palm Beaches caught up with Pool Guys of Palm Beach’s owner, Steve Adler, to make sure that all other pool owners living in south Florida knew how to prevent this from happening to them.

Here’s the back story,


A Tampa homeowner hired a company to resurface his family’s pool however, the unlicensed Florida pool maintenance company left them to drain it without proper instruction. How was someone who hired people to maintain his pool supposed to know how to properly drain it? It was basically a set up for failure.

Tampa Pool Pops Out Of Ground

Damage caused to the pool in the back yard of a South Florida home.

Improper Pool Maintenance

The Pool Guys of Palm Beach’s owner, Steve Adler, had all the answers for the popular south Florida news outlet when it wanting answers as to what went wrong…

“The pressure from underneath the pool – when you take out the water – can actually cause the pool to raise up. The most important thing to be concerned about when you’re going to drain your pool is that it has not been raining heavily – or continuously for many days. The only time you’re draining a pool completely is when it has to have repair done, an acid wash, or resurfacing.” – Adler to CBS 12

The issue happens when inexperienced pool owners or unlicensed pool maintenance companies drain a pool after a heavy amount of rain has fallen which saturated the ground holding the pool in place.

Pool Guys of Palm Beach

“The Florida pool company was unlicensed – uninsured and they walked away from it and the gentleman was left with approximately $20,000 in damage,” Adler explained to CBS 12. So, what was his solution to all pool owners when doing their best to avoid this issue? “Only drain your pool when necessary and make sure you know what you’re doing.”