How To Fix Your Algae Problem

by / Tuesday, 29 October 2013 / Published in Blog

Pool Cleaning Palm Beach     If your pool is gaining a greenish tint, you must know that is not a good thing. It means that something has gone wrong within your pool system and now you are battling algae growth. Algae is not a serious issue, but if it’s growing in your pool, you 100 percent want to clean it before going swimming. So, how do algae begin to grow in your backyard pool? 

Algae growth can be influenced by,

– Poor water circulation
– Low level of chlorine
– Contaminated foreign matter

The only way to get rid of the green hue is by super chlorinating your pool – one or two jugs should do the trick – however, if the algae has been growing for weeks, then you may need to use up to eight jugs of chlorine. Green Pool Cleanup Services of West Palm Beach can take care of this problem for you or follow the directions below.

Once you have your chlorine, you want to keep your pump running constantly to make sure the chemicals continue to circulate and the debris is being pushed into the filter.

After the hue has disappeared – should be next day – do NOT go into the pool until you have balanced the chlorine levels because you don’t want to irritate anyone’s skin. Plus, all the dead algae are now sitting at the bottom of your pool which will require a good and thorough vacuum session.

Remember, if you feel like this is too much work to do one your own, invest in some pool specialists that spend every day doing this stuff – they’ll make sure to leave your pool bluer than ever. Plus, if you’ve been neglecting your pool for months, the professionals are more capable of conducting an acid wash.