Holiday Pool Decorations

by / Monday, 13 November 2017 / Published in Blog, Pool News

With the festive season being around the corner, it’s likely that you will be hosting guests in your home. There’s no better place to entertain your guests in the home than by the poolside. And you’ll do well to create a festive mood around your pool by decorating the pool area. Here are some pool decoration ideas you can apply this year.

  1. String lights

Adorning strands of holiday lights twinkling around the pool is a sure way to brighten up your pool area and bring about a nostalgic holiday mood. You can run the lights from the pool fence to the roof of the house right across the pool through to the greenery.

These lights will reflect in the water creating such a beautiful scene. If you have trees near your pool, you can wrap the lights around the trunk while carefully stringing them back on the branches. You may also introduce lights above the pool, around the edge, and around the posts. You can also improvise by creating characters and shapes with the colored lights.

  1. Decorative inflatables

From wreaths to a floating Santa Claus and dreidels, there is a wide range of festive inflatables you can use to inject the holiday cheer into your pool space in a creative and fun way. Simply use your imagination and have fun with it. If you cannot afford large inflatables, you might as well consider floating lanterns and unbreakable ornaments.

  1. Oversized ornaments

Using colorful balls to simulate ornaments on the Christmas tree by the pool goes a long way in setting the mood. Along with the bulbs, consider including enormous faux Christmas tree bulbs. You can set some of them on top of the cover of the pool.

  1. Floating candles

The inclusion of fabulous floating candles in the pool adds an eye-catching and elegant touch to your holiday décor, especially at night. This is particularly great if your pool is uncovered during the holidays. You’ll do well to block the entrance to the skimmer so that you avoid having a black and melted skimmer lid.

  1. Use greenery

Introducing string greenery from the top of the fence of your pool and complementing it with a red ribbon will set a picture-perfect winter scene. You can then include more greenery such as holly branches, as well as trimmed Christmas tree branches. This is especially good when you want to create a visible barrier around your pool area, letting people see the area and prevent accidents.

There are numerous options you can introduce in your pool décor to create a truly magical holiday atmosphere in your home. Whether you are thinking of modern, traditional or even extravagant accessories, you can achieve it. The best place to begin would be to determine the kind of theme that you would like to adopt for your holiday pool décor.

When you have the right décor in your backyard, you will definitely impress your guests. Ensure that safety is a consideration for your decoration choices. Check that all cords are properly secured. And be sure to place a ‘no swimming’ or ‘pool closed’ sign around the pool if there is no adult around to supervise.

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