Hot Tips on Ridding Yourself of Pool Pests and Problems

by / Monday, 13 March 2017 / Published in Pool News

Since your swimming pool is most likely going to be outdoors, things like moss, bugs and a whole slew of other issues are always possible. We understand and deal with these pests and problems too so we decided to blog about for you. Here are some hot tips to help you get rid of these swimming pool nuisances.

While bees are important to our eco-system and the environment, occasionally, their presence becomes daunting. Here’s how to combat bees from being in your pool. Place several decorative birdbaths in sunny spots around 12 feet away from the edge of the pool. Add Aquatic sand and water to the bird baths. The little buzzers will rest on the peaks of gravel and drink the water from the bird baths rather than the chlorine in the pool. This is also a good way to rid yourself of bees without doing any harm to them.

Another tip to consider must do with getting rid of cloudy water in your pool. The top part of the swimming pool tends to be where all the dirt and contaminants are located. One of the easiest ways to combat dark pools is by keeping your water at healthy levels. If the water gets below the overflow lip surface debris may not be getting removed due to poor circulation. By making sure the water level stays the right point, you will be lessening your chances of cloudy pool water.

Algae can settle in anyone’s pool at any time. This applies when you live in a place like Palm Beach County because of the humidity and heat. If you want to keep algae from growing in your pool, you need to rid the pool of nitrates. Although natural in origin, these plant oriented nutrients come from both plants and fertilizer. Regular landscaping and gardening can often time result in algae finding it’s way into the deep end. The best way to fight off algae is by testing the water regularly. Be preventative. However, once the pool gets this problem the only way to be done with it is by draining the whole pool and refilling it. Also, make sure you understand where the rain is flowing and if water from grass or your garden could be penetrating the pool with fertilizer residue.

These are a few quick but HOT tips that will help you maintain your pool maximum health and prevent you from getting stung while you wade. If you have questions or concerns, be sure to include them in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.


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