Infinity Pools

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Some call them infinity pools. Others call them endless, negative-edge, zero-edge, vanishing-edge, or disappearing-edge pools. The bottom line is that they are beautiful, scenic, and overly mysterious. They are the type of pools you expect to see in high-end beach hotels or vacation homes for the filthy rich. However, they are becoming more popular as pool designers are coming up with creative ways to incorporate them into backyards. Read on to find out more about infinity pools.

What is an infinity pool?

An infinity pool is a swimming pool that gives the illusion of water without boundaries. This illusion is produced by having water flow over some of the edges. The water flowing from these edges seems to merge with a larger water mass. Or, the water seems to simply drop into the horizon creating a mirror or reflection to a picturesque scenery.

How infinity pools work

The main concept of design is to have water flowing over one or more edges. For this to happen;

  • The walls of the pool are lowered so that they match the water level.
  • The water flowing from the lowered edges creates a waterfall effect, only that the water drops slowly, quietly, and steadily. So, the designer slopes the walls away from the pool gradually.
  • At the bottom of the lowered and sloped walls, there is a catch basin that collects the overflowing water.
  • A pump, not the pool pump, is installed in the catch basin to put back the overflow water into the pool. That way, the water in the pool remains at a constant level.

What to consider when constructing an infinity pool

The design process and construction phase of an infinity pool are complex. They require the expertise of a custom pool builder. The builder has to consider the following key aspects;

  • What is your desired view? The pool designer has to consider if there is a way to build the pool such that the infinite edge catches the desired view. Without the desired view, the pool design will fail. If the only view in your backyard is your fence, then an infinity pool could be a little too ambitious. Infinity pools take a lot of space and require a beautiful view to reflect.
  • The elevation of the site. Without a slope, extra work is needed to create the slope. The perfect site for an infinity pool is one with a gentle slope. A steep slope will create a noisy waterfall effect on the infinite edge.
  • The catch basin. A good infinity pool hides the catch basin – the catch basin should not be seen from the best viewing spots. Also, the catch basin has to be the perfect depth. It should be deep enough to accommodate the overflow-water, and not so deep that it affects the water level of the main pool. The site of the pool should have adequate space for the perfect size of the catch basin.

Consult custom pool experts

Do not discredit the possibility of an infinity pool in your backyard before consulting an expert. You might be amazed at the kind of spaces and locations where infinity pools have been built. And it goes without saying that an infinity pool adds to the aesthetics and value of your home.

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