How Low Is Too Low? All About Adding Water To Your Pool

by / Tuesday, 30 May 2017 / Published in Blog, Pool News
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By default, your pool should have a specific fill level. If the water drops below that point, it means that you need to top off. If your fill level drops too fast or drops too low it could mean that you have some issues you need to have checked on your pool. So how often should you top off, how low is too low, and when should you get worried about your pool’s fill level? Find all that out below.

Why your pool loses water

In case you don’t know, you pool loses water gradually every day and every hour due to evaporation. The hotter it is, the more water your pool loses. This is why you find yourself filling the pool up more often during summer and very little during fall or spring. There’s also a tiny amount of water that gets lost when you swim by being spilt outside the pool and being absorbed on your skin and on your clothes.

How often you should top off

It’s best to top off the water in your swimming pool once or twice a week. Most people do it just once a week. For the sake of routine, and to avoid forgetfulness, you should choose a particular day of the week to do this. Filling your pool at regular intervals also allows you to keep tabs on how fast your pool is draining. That way, should you find the fill level of your pool too low, you’ll be in a position to notice and have it checked out.

How low is too low?

There has to be a limit as to how low is too low, in regards to your pool’s fill level. Losing one inch of water level is okay. Two inches is acceptable as well. Three inches is also forgivable but that’s as far as it goes. Anything past that is a tad too far. If your pool is more than three inches below the fill level it’s either you’re not doing your job or all that water is going somewhere it shouldn’t.

How to tell when there’s a problem

If your pool’s fill level drops too much too fast, there could be a problem. Your pool may have a leak. Leaks to occur and they are mostly as a result of structural damage in your pool. They could be caused by a vinyl liner tearing, tiles coming off, concrete wall cracking or even spalling. The best approach if you detect a leak is to call pool repair specialist. They’ll inspect your pool and use leak detection equipment to find out the truth. And if there is a leak, they will advise you on the best way to seal it. In some cases, you might not even to drain the pool in order to patch the leak.

If you think that your pool is losing too much water naturally, try installing a pool cover or a thermal blanket. These two options will trap your pool water and keep it from escaping into the atmosphere.

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