Mysterious Backyard Lagoons

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Mysterious Backyard Lagoon Pool Design

If you live in a place like Southern Florida, you are probably like the rest of us spending your time cooling off in an air conditioned building, spending time at the beach or if you’re fortunate enough swimming in your pool. Depending on your backyard space and what type of pool design you have chosen, a backyard lagoon may be just the right solution to smaller spaces, where a rectangle or round pool might not. With today’s swimming pool designs, you can enjoy the alluring landscape that’s created that lends atmosphere to any pool. Here are some design elements for you to consider that helps create the mysterious lagoon.
Natural stone is often a popular choice among designers. You’ll find that some accessories that accompany lagoon style pools will be fireplaces, waterfalls, hidden coves, and mood lighting. No lagoon pool is designed without plants and trees but what type of foliage is appropriate for your pool can make a huge impact on things like maintenance. These are all elements that you pool designer should be aware of while putting together some ideas and a quote.
Types of stones that’s good for pool decking would be Travertine, Flagstone or Granite. We’ve also seen water resistant pavers such as Bluestone and slate used in many cases for its durability. Limestone, sandstone, granite and coral stone are beautiful alternatives that compliment contemporary designs that often times become stronger through time naturally. No matter what the surface, it’s good to research each material before making your final selection.
Fireplaces are becoming a more sought after feature of people’s backyards. This can really enhance the mood to any backyard lagoon oasis. With today’s use of backyard living spaces becoming more prominent, things like fireplaces, fire pits and torches are newer attributes that many people are requesting in their blueprints. While this enhances the experience, it can also be extra maintenance. Be sure to ask your designer what the pros and cons are to having fire as a specialty to your lagoon.
No lagoon seems complete without a waterfall of some kind. Today’s craftsmen know that this is going to be something that most people will request. There’s several types of waterfalls that can fit nicely with any swimming pond. Whether you decide to have water cascading from the rocks, fountain bubblers, deck jets, etc. all add to the ambience that you want to display. These very easily incorporate into any design, but should be decided during the beginning phases. If you are adding these features to an existing design, there could be extra challenges for the installers.

Check out this time-lapse of a Backyard Lagoon build by a Texas Company

Caves, grottos and boulders are another decorative element that can create that mysterious feeling. These can be secret hideaways, or just interesting rock formations adding romance and charm. Since pool designs in Palm Beach County can become very, it’s good to write down a list of important essentials you’d like to include. The designer should be able to give you multiple choices and quotes for you to choose from, once you’ve determined what elements are important to you.

Lighting is an inexpensive way to bewilder your guests visiting for a pool party. Todays ‘Smart Home’ systems will often times include controls for your backyard lighting that can easily be turned on or off by a cell phone. The biggest thing to point out here is that lighting can completely change the look and feel of the area so it needs to be considered. If you’re selecting lights for the pool that change colors or are incorporated within the design, let your representative know ahead of time.

From the right shape to the right deck and features, your backyard lagoon should be a place of peace and tranquility. A much different approach than traditional swimming pools with diving boards and slides. While these accents can still be included in a lagoon style pool, it’s important to note that these are tropical sanctuaries that will keep you and your family in a state of Zen for years to come.

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