Not All Swimming Pools Are Rectangles

by / Tuesday, 16 May 2017 / Published in Pool News
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With today’s swimming pool architecture, there’s so much more to consider when it comes to designing what’s right. Things like the shape of the basin are imperative when it comes to planning what will harmonize with your backyard. In other words, not all swimming pools are created alike, and the way you configure the shape and size of the pool are incredibly vital to what will work out. Here are a few shapes that may be more suitable for your backyard living space you may not have thought.

If you have a small yard layout, pools such as the Lagoon or the Riviera Mark 2 are an excellent choice as they happen to be more condensed. A lagoon-shaped pool works nicely in the corner location of a yard. This tropical design is also one that is popular among people living in South Florida or Palm Beach County as it can be designed with other features to resemble more of a lagoon in a tropical oasis.

Next, if your yard has plenty of space, consider a Patrician with a rounded end. This classic design makes swimming laps a breeze, yet still has a beautiful design for adding decorative features such as fire pits and waterfalls. If you’ve always wanted a high-end pool, then this is one layout to consider as there are so many possibilities.

Opportunities continue even with a rectangle shaped pool. Today’s infinity pools are becoming ever so popular and tend to be structure more with this construction of the square to rectangle. Since the basin of the pool sits underneath and is somewhat of a vanishing edge, these zero edge pools are typically built with a carbon ceramic material which is sturdy as well as lightweight. Although the shape may seem redundant, the visual effects are what makes this design stand out.

Besides endless pools, your backyard may need to have a pool with more obscure edges. Pools such as the Californian, Mountain Oasis, and Kidney are alternatives to the standard round, oval and square pools of yesterday. If you are contemplating one of these more contemporary designs, be sure your square footage can accommodate as you may lose places for a deck or seating area.

While these are just a few of the different designs to consider, be sure to speak to one of our swimming pool architects to discuss which is the right for you. With tools such as aerial pictures and proper measurements, they will help design and build the aquatic feature you’ve always dreamt.

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