Picking A Pool Cleaner That Fits You

by / Thursday, 26 September 2013 / Published in Blog, Uncategorized

Pool Cleaning WellingtonThere comes a time in every pool owner’s life where they need to ditch their old, loyal pool cleaner and invest in a newer model. Now, when the time comes around that your pool cleaner is pushing dirt around more than vacuuming it up, then it is time to detach yourself from your cool toy. When you’re investing in a new pool cleaner, the most important thing to know is there are three types of pool cleaners…

The Electric Cleaner:

As the more eco-friendly pool cleaner option, by using low voltage electricity unlike a pool or booster pump, your pool cleaning operation is totally separate from the pool’s central circulation system. These cleaners are also way more convenient because you don’t have to change their filter as often as pool pumps and some of them are remote controlled so, you can sit in your comfy deck chair and maneuver the cleaner to the dirt spots.

The Suction Cleaner:

These types of pool cleaners come with a hose that connects to a suction port in the pool – typically inside the skimmer. When the cleaner is functioning, the circulation pump in your pool creates a strong suction that takes up the dirt and debris. Sometime’s owner’s of these cleaner’s need to buy special brushes made that loosen the dirt inside the pump’s strainer basket.


The Pressure Cleaner:

Defined as the most fun cleaner to use, pool pressure cleaners are not like power washers. They use the pool’s filtered water upon being attached to the pressure side of the circulation system. The dirt and debris that the cleaner picks up is collected in a bag on top of the cleaning device. Some will consider this to be the greener option for a pool cleaner because it includes one less piece of equipment with being able to function without a booster pump.

Now, the decision is really up to you as to what pool cleaner you think fits your pool’s personality best. If you want to save the environment and lower your carbon footprint, go with the electric or pressure cleaner. If you don’t want to worry about buying a cleaner and researching the different kinds, then contact pool cleaning experts in your area!