Pool Acid Wash

Acid Wash Pool Services Lake Worth

We Offer Acid Wash Services to Remove Unsightly Stains & Bring Back Your Pools’ Original Finish

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Pool Acid Wash

Pool Guys of Palm Beach are experts at determining what type of stain is ruining your pool surface and what the best solution is to get rid of it. Our charges vary depending if we are only removing a few unsightly spots or cleaning the whole pool or spa.

If the pool does need to be drained, care must be given to draining the pool properly to prevent “pool popping”….think of a boat on top of water!!  Pool Guys ensures the pool is drained properly to relieve or remove any ground water under the pool to prevent pool popping.

Acid Washes

Next, not all stains are created equal.  Pool Guys will use the proper solution to remove the stains from your pool. Remember, when you acid wash your pool a thin layer of your pool surface is being removed to expose newer surface underneath.

Pool Guys at times will advise you against acid washing your pool if the chance of damaging your surface is too great. We then can advise you of other alternatives.