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The Pool Guys Of Palm Beach offers professional Pool cleaning Services in Lake Worth as well as throughout all of Palm Beach County.

Pool Cleaning Service West Palm Beach

Why Lake Worth Residents rely on The Pool Guys of Palm Beach

Basic Monthly Plan Starting at just $55.00 – Elite Starting at just $78 per month
Prices based on average sized screened in pools

We carry the latest in specialist equipment and expertise, coupled with an extensively trained team of technicians we’re ready to deep clean your pool at a moments notice! What makes Pool Guys such a loved and trustedpool cleaning company -services lake worth florida business throughout Lake Worth and Palm Beach is our friendly, highly efficient uniformed swimming pool cleaners, who show up on time and work their magic, leaving your beloved pool sparkling with brilliance and ready for immediate use by you and your family all year long.

 With over 25 years of experience and knowledge, we know exactly what needs to done to achieve a flawless finish for any pool, regardless of its size or shape.

The Pool Guys of Palm Beach Difference:

  • 25 Years Servicing, Maintaining and Cleaning Pools
  • Log of Date & Time of Pool Cleaning Service
  • Certified Expert Specialist Equipment
  • Extensively Trained Uniformed Technicians
  • Highest Grade Chlorine Available
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Free Pool Equipment Inspection upon every visit

With most pools starting at just $78 per month, your pool will be vacuumed and brushed thoroughly, as well as the baskets emptied and tiles cleaned each week. The same uniformed tech will also clean the pool filter and carry out the crucial job of balancing the chemicals of the water. This includes testing and maintaining water balance to include: ph, sanitizer, Alkalinity, total dissolved solids, and when needed any other specialist’s tests. We use the highest grade chlorine available to pool professionals to keep your water crystal clear.

 We Offer Peace of Mind

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For extra security and efficiency, your trusted pool cleaner will keep a Log of Date & Time of Pool Cleaning Service, which will be left in the in Timer Box on each visit to your home. Here at Pool Guys we recognize the importance of safety when it comes to looking after your backyard leisure time investment. That’s why we inspect your pool equipment on every visit to identify small problems before they become large, costly repairs.






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