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by / Tuesday, 20 June 2017 / Published in Blog, Pool News

When it comes to living in a place such as Palm Beach County, you’ve got to stay fit. Besides this being a health standard, you’ve also got to stay in shape to look and feel your best. When you have a swimming, pool keeping your weight down should be easy and not just when doing laps across the pool. In this blog, we give you a few exercises that will help you burn calories without swimming in the lanes!

Exercise 1.) Grab a Noodle and sit on it while balancing, keep your feet moving as if you’re making circles with your legs. While this may be tricky at first, you’ll notice a huge improvement in dropping those extra pounds.

Exercise 2.) Place both hands on the noodle with your arms extended in front of you. Push it down to in the water as far as you can go. Do up to 4 reps of 20. For some variations you can do this with your legs, alternating one leg at a time.

Exercise 3.) This time extend both arms to your side at shoulder height. Moving your hands toward the center of your chest and then back to the extension pose. This movement will help you strengthen and tone your biceps and shoulders without ever having to lift a single barbell! Do 4 reps of 20.

Exercise 4.) Tread water or run in place in the water for a total of 5 minutes to get up that cardio.

Exercise 5.) Balance your body with arms to the side. Squat into the water until your shoulders are submerged. Once you’re under the water up to your neck, then spring off the floor and try to jump as high as you can. This routine is excellent for strong glutes and thighs. Do 4 reps of 20 for a great burn.

Exercise 6.) Scissors are another way to tone your legs including your inner thighs. Lean against the side of the pool with arms extended behind you embracing the sides. Extend your legs in front of you and then create a scissor motion. You can go both up and down and side to side. Do this for 5 minutes or until you no longer can.

That’s it! This is one sure way you can sport a healthy and fit figure throughout the summer. Just think of how fun and easy this is and never leave the comfort of the pool. These exercises are great for people who are elderly or have suffered some injuries. Be sure to check with a physician before starting any physical fitness routine.

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