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Our Pool Leak Detection Experts Can Find & Repair Any Leaks in Your Pool or Spa

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  • We Use the Most Advanced Leak Detecting Equipment in the Industry
  • Prevents Your Equipment From Being Ruined Due to Water Loss 
  • Sonar, Line Pressurizing & Dye Are Used to Locate Leaks 
  • Eliminates Water Loss & Saves You Money 
  • Repairs to Leaks Within the Shell of the Pool Included in the Cost of the Detection. Any Other Repairs Will Be Performed After Approval.
  • Affordable Pricing


Pool Leak Detection Palm Beach


Pool Guys of Palm Beach offers expert services detecting your pool or spa leaks. Our leak detection experts utilize the latest equipment that can detect if your pool is leaking within 10,000th of an inch.  As part of every leak detection , we pressurize your lines to detect breaks and use ultrasound listening devices to detect the exact location of any water loss. This minimizes needlessly cutting your deck to try and locate a break.

A typical leak detection will take the leak detection specialist 1-3 hours to identify all leaks. Any leak found within the pool shell will be repaired as part of the leak detection, as it is located. Leaks found in a line, such as breaks in the skimmer or main drain line will be priced depending on the job.  No work is performed without prior approval.

If you’re losing more than 1/4″ of water a day, then call our office to schedule a leak detection.  Please make sure the water level is at the mid tile range prior to the technician coming out to perform the leak detection.

Leak Detection/Repair Disclaimer:

It is possible for more than one leak to be present on a single plumbing line. Typically only one leak can be detected on a single line at one time. Therefore, after the recommended repair is completed it is possible for another leak to exist. If another leak is present and Pool Guys is notified within 40 days of repair completion, no additional leak detection charges will incur.  If you hire us to do leak detection, and we find out that your pool is not leaking, we will not charge you the entire leak detection fee as most companies would.  We’ll only charge you for a service call.

Prior to calling a leak detection company, you can perform a “Bucket Test” to determine how much water loss you are experiencing.

To perform a bucket test, fill your pool to its normal height. Usually mid tile. Fill a bucket about 3/4 the way with pool water. Mark the level of the water on the inside of the bucket and place the bucket on the first or second step inside the pool.  Place a second mark on the outside of the bucket to match your pool water line.  Run your pool normally.  After 24 hours of operating your pool normally, compare the two marks for a difference. If the pool water loss of the outside mark is greater than the inside mark, you may have a leak.  If you have water features or an overfill line you may need to repeat the test with the water features shut off.

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