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Many prospective pool owners don’t know that a swimming pool comes with a lot of ‘stuff’. There’s the pool cleaning equipment, pool toys such as balls and inflatables, pool floaters (which take up lots of space when inflated), pool slides which have to be stored once deflated, towels, and more. And if you are going to keep your pool area clean and tidy, this demands that you come up with practical pool storage ideas. Below, we have compiled some great ideas for you to sample. Check them out below.

  1. Pool Bins

Pool bins are just like the name suggests. They are bins designed for pool storage. Most of these resemble large boxes and are usually placed on the ground, usually somewhere next to the wall/fence. Most are made from wood and feature pallet-like gaps for breathability. Wooden and metal bins are great for long-term storage. You can also opt for mesh pool bins. These are light and cheap. The mesh also allows you to easily identify what is stored where. Some of these bins even have wheels allowing you to move them about as needed.

  1. Pool Sheds

Pool sheds are not new but they are as functional as ever. They resemble garden sheds or tool sheds only that they are used to store pool equipment and toys. These are great if you need lots of pool storage and you have the outdoor space to spare. And not to worry, a pool shed doesn’t have to be huge. You can have one as small as 24 square feet. Most pool sheds are made of timber but metal works just as well.

  1. Wall hangings

If you don’t have any space in your backyard to spare, you can make use of your wall. Here you can creatively use the vertical space on your fence or the outer wall of your house to hang pool equipment, pool cleaning tools, towels, wet swimming costumes, pool toys, and more. You can hang these up on the walls using hooks, racks, totes, mesh, and even plastic buckets. You can even use retractable hooks or frames that can be put back when not in use so as to free up moving space.

  1. Pool storage organizers

If you’re not the DIY type and you don’t want to spend time racking your brain on pool storage ideas then you can just purchase a pool organizer. These are simple and functional storage racks designed with your pool storage needs in mind. Most are made of timber or PVC. They have numerous slots where you can place your pool toys, floaters, cleaning equipment, wet towels, etc. And they come in different sizes and colors too!

  1. Shelving units

Yes, you can also result to shelving units for your pool storage. However, this works best for indoor storage. Such shelving units can be placed in the garage or inside a pool shed. As such, these are best suited for storing dry pool items. They are especially great for long-term storage, e.g. over winter. These shelves have compartments when you can place your pool towels, swimsuits, pool toys, etc.

With these pool storage ideas, your swimming pool does not have to look like a war zone anymore. Have everything put back in its place and keep your outdoor space spic and span all through!

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