Property Management Pool Service

Our Property Management Pool Service – West Palm Beach

One of the biggest issues with swimming pools here in West Palm Beach is the potential health hazards and code violations on foreclosed properties or vacant homes, where pools are neglected for months. This is a big problem with rental propertiesspecifically due to the transient tenants.wpid-pool-cleaning-service

Our property management division specialize in working with property managers and realtors to help keep your pool ready for use at any time of the year.  With over 25 years experience providing exceptional pool cleaning and maintenance services throughout South Florida Pool Guys of Palm Beach is your property management pool service company.

If you are a property management company or a Realtor who deals with foreclosures and short sales, we can help you.  It makes sense to have a readily accessible property management pool cleaning company whom you can trust when you need those properties with algae-filled pools cleaned or to have broken or stolen equipment replaced. Whether its a rental property or a foreclosed property, we offer pool services for them both.

Also consider that it is almost as cheap to maintain a pool than it is to let it sit neglected for months on end and pay for a massive clean-up later once you go to rent or sell the property.


Pool property areas we serve and maintain:

  • West Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Broward County