Protecting Your Pool From Tropical Storms

by / Tuesday, 08 October 2013 / Published in Blog

One of the biggest issues with living in South Florida and having your own pool is the preparation for tropical storms and hurricanes. The rainfall typically floods your entire yard which inevitably will overflow your pool if you do not prepare correctly. Now, besides watching the weather channel, here are some solid tips to ensuring your pool and patio do not suffer from extreme damages.

 Hurricane Pool Prep

Do NOT Drain The Pool

With all the rainfall, draining your pool might seem like a logical step, but it’s not. Pools that are properly built will have a draining system designed to drain excess water – however, if you’d feel more comfortable with a lower water level, don’t lower it more than one or two feet. The water is what is protecting your pool from flying debris and according to a South Florida hurricane preparedness guide, draining your pool is an improper pool maintenance idea as it can cause too much hydrostatic pressure.

Power Down ALL Pool Equipment

Florida pool maintenanceWith the pool water protecting the pool’s interior walls, a majority of storm damage can be found within your pools pump and motor. Make sure to turn off the circuit breaker to your pool equipment, and then put the motor in a dry place within your home, away from the excess flooding outside.

Don’t Forget Loose Pool Parts

Another great pool maintenance tip would be to take off filter tops – and filters if necessary – as well as deck lids to make sure that they do not blow away during the storm.

AFTER The Storm

Make sure the first thing to do is either clean out any debris that has collected yourself or call your pool cleaners, otherwise it can stain your pool walls. Also, balance your pH level and super chlorinate or shock the water – then run the filter until the water is clear. If you super chlorinate the water, make sure no one swims in it directly before or after the process. While there is a chance your pool is looking like a mess, refrain from draining it, because again – that will cause more damage.