The Most Refreshing Pool Side Drinks For 2017

by / Monday, 10 April 2017 / Published in Blog

When you live in a place like South Florida, lounging via poolside is just a part of everyday life. However, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated in the hot and humid weather we Floridians endure. Each year it seems places like Good Housekeeping Magazine and a multitude of blog sites throw up their recipes for tall and refreshing drinks. This year we decided to get on the action by giving you a few of our Pool Guys elixirs for you to mix up and serve.

Whether you’re tanning alone or you’ve guests to swing by for a summer party, one thing you can be sure, having beverages around is a must. If you’re looking to keep something outdoors or in your backyard living spaces, then be sure to consider the proper containers. Glass is beautiful, but when there’s little ones around it may not always be safe or practical. Look at places such as Home Goods and TJ Maxx for deals on drink dispensers with spigots to make life easier. Be sure to store in a cool place with lots of ice.

One wonderful concoction that is super easy to make and works as a cleanse is Lemon Water with Cucumbers. There’s nothing better than sipping on one of these delicious and cooling mixes while getting rid of toxins. An excellent choice for anyone wanting to relax and quench their thirst.

Next, freeze some watermelon and raspberries in ice trays till frozen, then serve with your favorite champagne as a cool way to drink your mimosas. Not only does this taste good, but watermelon also has a hydrating and organic effect so that you won’t get dried out.

In addition to hydrating melons, adult beverages frozen in small freezer bags can be loaded with your favorite vodka or other alcohol making them a hoot to serve and store. Pop a hole with a straw in the top of the Ziploc freezer bag and sip away!

Pool water isn’t supposed to be consumed unless it’s your favorite mixture of punch! Look for recipes found on Pinterest to fill up your decorative containers or pitchers and be ready to kick back relax and enjoy. Don’t forget the fancy umbrellas!

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