Seating for Your Swimming Pool and Backyard Living Space

by / Tuesday, 10 January 2017 / Published in Blog

When you stop to think about backyard living spaces and the many different types of accommodation you can find these days, it can seem almost overwhelming. By being creative and thinking outside the box, you can have an incredible seating arrangement that is better than the average lawn chair. In this week’s blog, we share a few ideas that you may not have thought of and some we think are just downright pieces of art! Ready go!

If you do a lot of entertaining, then you may want to consider a sofa pit made with outdoor materials that can resist the weather elements. In most cases, you may need additional storage space to hide the cushions when not in use. Let’s face it the heat from the blazing Florida sun will fade just about anything so choose the material wisely and get it scotch guarded with heat resistant materials.

Using recycled materials such as cinder blocks and wooden pallets has become a decorator’s dream. It may take some ingenuity to DIY these materials, but it can be an excellent way to save money, and they look incredible when finished.

*Have you been thinking about a chaise lounge via next to the pool? The Sampan Outdoor Wicker Day Bed is a beautiful choice. Not only does this provide an excellent place to lounge it’s covered, and you can add a sheet of material over the top to provide a canopy. Another incredible idea is the Ledge Lounger that’s designed to go both in or out of the pool. These submersible seats are an excellent way to relax while working on your tan.

Tree stumps can be made into little stools that are a cute addition to any backyard motif, and they add an organic element to the area. Since these are made of real wood, don’t forget to finish them off with some protective treatment. In addition to treating them with some paint or varnish, they need to be safe from harmful chemicals such as chlorine so they may do better with salt-water pools.

Rock formations can also be turned into seats if they’re designed properly. While these make quite a decorative statement, they’re usually permanent so be sure to place them where they won’t need to be moved, ever!

So, when it comes to the seats you use in your backyard or swimming pool deck, just remember there’s a whole world of ideas out there, and there’s sure to be on that makes sense for you.

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