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When you live in a place such as Palm Beach County, it’s important to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the South Florida sun. This applies when you live near the water or if you sit by the pool. Without sounding overly redundant, we want to give you a few hints on sunscreen we think you should know.

The first point to make is when to apply sunscreen. Most people in this area would tell you to put on sunscreen during hot sunny days when you’re outdoors is the best time. Because we live in a region that is closer to the equator even cloudy days will put you at risk. Be sure to wear sunscreen every day and put it on before you leave the house. Many of the new formulas, are meant to be worn even when you’re not sitting via poolside.

Next, if you’re going to be hanging out by the pool then be sure to put the strongest blockage on during 10-2pm. The sun is at its hottest, and that’s when you need to protect yourself the most. Also, don’t just cover up with a white t-shirt either. The sun’s rays are super powerful and can penetrate through thin cotton based shirts. Apply sunscreen and wear a t-shirt to have the ultimate protection.

Besides the time of day and when to apply, be sure to re-apply after swimming or sweating. Your skin absorbs most of the sunscreen you put on and will wash off while dipping in the pool. In fact, many times the sun’s rays are bouncing off the reflection of the water and will cause you to be more at risk.  Just remember to keep applying, and you should be okay.

In addition to wearing sunscreen and staying well protected from the sun, be sure to look for suntan oils and protectants that are good for your skin. Many of the lotions and potions on the market today are made with harsh chemicals such as Zinc Oxide and Avobenzone. While these are not the greatest substances to be used on your skin, there are plenty of natural and organic products you can apply replacing the alternatives.

Lastly, you can see these are just a few items to cover when getting the skinny on your sunscreen cover up. Protecting yourself from the sun will help you avoid skin issues such as cancer. Be sure to check with your local pharmacist for the most protection available today.

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