Leave Your Pool Maintenance to the Pros

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Swimming pools are one of the most attractive features when buying a home. They provide you and your family with an entertainment spot on your property and swimming is one of the most intense (and enjoyable) forms of exercise. The downside to owning a pool, however, is the maintenance needs that come along with them.

Winter By The Pool in Florida

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For most people across the US, winter is a time to pull the cover over the swimming pool and forget about getting into the water for a while. That’s because the low temperatures and the freezing water renders most pools (or the idea of bearing skin outdoors) too harsh to even think about. However, if

Hurricane Pool Cleanup

Monday, 16 October 2017 by
Green Pool Cleanup 2

One of the most catastrophic hurricanes in US history, Hurricane Irma, managed to hit the State of Florida, leaving behind unimaginable damage. Pool Guys of Palm Beach being a native resident of Lake Worth, Florida, we are here to help. Storms and hurricanes bring along an assortment of damage, some which can go unseen. Cleaning

Apps You Can Use With Your Pool

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 by

For homeowners, there are fewer better amenities to have on your property other than a personal pool. Apart from the fun that you and your family will enjoy, swimming offers an enjoyable way to soothe your body and exercise it at the very same time. Maintaining a pool, on the other hand, is a more

When it comes to living in a place such as Palm Beach County, you’ve got to stay fit. Besides this being a health standard, you’ve also got to stay in shape to look and feel your best. When you have a swimming, pool keeping your weight down should be easy and not just when doing

While you may be in between cleanings, your pool guy will appreciate taking some precautions that will make your pool stay clean before he or she gets there. Since we’re in the stormy season, things like leaves and debris can blow into the basin and cause drains and filters to clog up or even fail.

Saline Vs Chlorine Pools

Tuesday, 30 May 2017 by

If you’re thinking about putting up a pool, your pool builder will ask you whether you want to go for a saline (salt water) pool or a chlorine pool. Salt water pools feature a machine (chlorinator) that uses salt to produce chlorine levels. Chlorine pools are those where chlorine is added manually. Both types of

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By default, your pool should have a specific fill level. If the water drops below that point, it means that you need to top off. If your fill level drops too fast or drops too low it could mean that you have some issues you need to have checked on your pool. So how often

7 Pool Toys To Prepare For Summer

Thursday, 25 May 2017 by

The summer season is just about to begin. So if you own a pool and want to give the entire family a great summer season that they will never forget, this is the time to start buying and stocking up on pool toys. We have searched the web to bring you some of the coolest

  It’s quite annoying when critters start moving in on your pool. They ruin the aesthetics of your swimming pool, they make the water unsanitary, and they ruin the mood. With summer coming up, you need to ensure that your pool territory is completely critter-free. After all, you’ll be spending lots of time here over